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Unstruk Data: Empowering Enterprises to Transform Unstructured Data Files into Actionable Intelligence about Real-world Assets and Locations

The latest version of Unstruk’s flagship product is the first commercially available DataOps platform built to generate intelligence about real-world assets and locations, so that it can be utilized to automate processes, inform business decisions or integrate into other critical workflow systems.

Galileo Launches to Give Data Scientists the Superpowers They Need for Unstructured Data Machine Learning

Galileo emerged from stealth with the first machine learning (ML) data intelligence platform for unstructured data that gives data scientists the ability to inspect, discover and fix critical ML data errors 10x faster across the entire ML lifecycle – from pre-training to post-training to post-production. The platform is currently in private beta with the Fortune 500 and startups across multiple industries.

Graviti Launches Data Platform Addressing the Needs of Working with Large Volumes of Unstructured Data

Graviti, a New York based modern data infrastructure startup that has been in stealth mode for the past three years, is today launching its first product – Graviti Data Platform. Graviti Data Platform is designed to eliminate one of the costliest and confounding problems faced by developers of artificial intelligence (AI) applications worldwide: working with large volumes of unstructured data.

How Financial Institutions Can Deal with Unstructured Data Overload

In this contributed article, Chandini Jain, CEO of Auquan, outlines how new AI-powered tools can aggregate, query, analyze and leverage unstructured data to unveil deep insights in record time. She takes a look into how these tools are providing value and helping financial institutions turn mounds of unstructured data into decision-making power.

How Hadoop Can Help Your Business Manage Big Data

Hadoop. Once largely unknown, hit the scene in part due to the explosion of unstructured data. Download the new white paper, “Making the Most of Your Investment in Hadoop,” through which SQREAM explores an approach to Hadoop that aims to help businesses reduce time-to-insight, increase productivity, empower data teams for better decision making, and increase revenue.

Innovation in Data Management Accelerating Neuroscience, Virtual Reality, and Early Cancer Diagnosis

A research company using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the fight against cancer. An animation studio creating films and virtual reality (VR) amusement parks. A team of scientists deepening our understanding of the human brain. All struggled to manage massive amounts of unstructured data, until they turned to Seattle-based Igneous – the leader in Unstructured Data Management (UDM) – and its as-a-Service, high-performance data management solution.

The Untapped Potential in Unstructured Text

In this contributed article, Mary Beth Moore, AI and Language Analytics Strategist at SAS, suggests that you look at your organization and consider the unstructured text you gather and the possible revelations it may hold. That data reflects the voices of those you serve and holds the potential to help you deliver better experiences, improve quality of care and enrich human engagement. There are powerful stories to be told from your unstructured text data.

Data Pruning Technology for Data Retention

Aparavi helps organizations master out of control unstructured data growth. The company’s new whitepaper, titled “Multi-Cloud Active Archive,” explains the benefits of a storage model that includes data pruning technology to reduce secondary data growth by 75%.

Multi-Cloud Active Archive

Aparavi helps organizations master out of control unstructured data growth. They slow secondary storage growth by 75% with guaranteed availability regardless of how long data is retained. Their SaaS-based active archive delivers true storage independence with on-premises and multi-cloud mobility. This along with their open data format removes vendor-lock in forever. Aparavi pays for itself […]

The State of Social Media, Smartphones and Politics

In this contributed article, Sean Moshir, Co-founder, Chairman and CEO of CellTrust examines the rising use of unstructured data from social media networks in politics and how analytics can be used to circumvent tactics to manipulate social media by political campaigns.