Video Highlights: AI, A Mirror to Human Intelligence

Curious about generative AI? Interested in a behind-the-scenes look? Join Dr. Kjell Carlsson as he sits down with Steven Levy, best-selling author and Editor at Large at WIRED. In the video presentation below, Steven shares insights he’s built over the past four decades writing about AI and the people (like Marvin Minsky) and companies (like Google and Facebook) that have brought us to where we are today.

Video Highlights: Introduction to Explainable AI

Responsible AI is reaching new heights these days. Companies have started exploring Explainable AI as a means to explain the results better to senior leadership and increase their trust in AI Algorithms. This workshop presentation, conducted by Supreet Kaur, Assistant Vice President at Morgan Stanley, will entail an overview of this area, importance of it in today’s era, and some of the practical techniques that you can use to implement it.

Video Highlights: A Path Into Data Science

Are you interested in getting ahead in data science? On this TalkPython podcast episode, you’ll meet Sanyam Bhutani who studied computer science but found his education didn’t prepare him for getting a data science-focused job. That’s where he started his own path of self-education and advancement. Now he’s working at an AI startup and ranking high on Kaggle.

Why 3D is the Key to Unlocking Vital Video Surveillance Data

In this contributed article, Srinath Kalluri, CEO of Oyla, suggests that by blending AI, 3D and video analytics, businesses will be able to bring better information to big data and enable smarter and safer ways of working.