Akridata Data Explorer Reduces Visual Data Analysis Time by 15x, Significantly Accelerates Model Accuracy for Production Grade AI Models

Akridata, a software company that provides an end-to-end suite of products that support both the smart ingestion and smart exploration of visual data to reduce cost and complexity while accelerating business value, announced the official launch of Akridata Data Explorer, its platform that provides data science teams the tools to easily explore, search, analyze, and compare visual data to improve data sets and improve model training.

Zoomdata Simplifies the Development of Data-Driven Applications with Advanced Visual Analytics

Zoomdata, developers of the high-performance visual analytics solution for big data, launched the Zoomdata Developer Network (ZDN). ZDN is designed for developers who want to embed Zoomdata’s advanced data visualization capabilities into their applications to meet the need for data-driven solutions.

Visual Analytics Solves 5 Big Data Challenges

Big Data often present big challenges. However visual analytics can help solve 5 of the biggest big data challenges.