Dataiku's vision is a world where all companies, whatever their expertise, industry, or size, can transform raw data into business impacting predictions and products. Find out how we're making this vision a reality for companies around the world.

Dataiku is a “portmanteau” word combining Data - information that is produced or stored by a computer - and Haïku - a very short and structured form of Japanese poetry.

For the people and organizations behind data projects, the process leading to a final data application is often fastidious, hard, and very long. Sometimes the multiple tools that help data scientists do their job can actually make the process longer and less efficient. They clean their data here, they visualize it there, create models somewhere else, and finally need to stitch it all together before being able to even consider deploying their data product.

Haïkus, on the other hand, emphasize straightforwardness and structure. They are also renowned for their soothing simplicity.

At Dataiku, we believe that’s what data projects should look and feel like to the organizations and people behind them: a structured process, a single flow, from start to finish. And that’s why Dataiku brings Data Science Studio to your office and to your business.