Big Data Analytics: Building A Strong Foundation

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Big Data

With information streaming in from more sources than ever before, organizations face the daunting challenge of gaining insights from new big data sources and types, including structured and unstructured sources. In addition to the growing volume and variety of data, there’s also the issue of velocity, which refers to the speed at which data is coming in and how fast you need to be able to take advantage of it. In this environment, it is not only access to information, but the ability to analyze and act upon this information in a timely manner that creates competitive advantage.

Building applications for handling big data requires laser-like focus on solutions that allow you to deliver scalable, reliable and f lexible infrastructure for fast-growing analytics environments. The “right” infrastructure—one that is optimized for perfor- mance, f lexibility and long-term value—can contribute to successful business results.

If big data already plays a dominant role within your business, your organizational changes and successes have likely been dramatic. However, you can’t rest on your laurels—big data and analytics is an investment that requires attention and discipline to maintain. Continual evaluation and assessment will keep processes running smoothly, while new technologies may open up additional access and analysis paths.

If data is still playing a limited, traditional role at the edges of individual departments, depending on your business needs and goals, you may want to consider moving big data analytics to
the center of your business. Once you’ve decided to give big data a more central role, you need a clearly defined infrastructure strategy to help ensure your analytical initiatives are built on a solid foundation.

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