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Forward-looking enterprises know there’s more to big data than storing and managing large volumes of information. Big data presents an opportunity to leverage analytics and experiment with all available data to derive value never before possible with traditional business intelligence and data warehouse platforms. Through a modern, the platform that facilitates self-service and collaborative analytics across all data, organizations become more agile and are able to innovate in new ways.

“One question that enterprises are often faced with is, ‘Now that I have big data, what do I do with it?’” says Mike Maxey, senior director of strategy and corporate development at EMC Greenplum. “Gaining value from big data requires a new set of tools and processes that promote self-service data exploration and analysis, along with social features embedded into every step of the analytical process. Only through collaboration and knowledge sharing around data sets, predictive model building, results, and best practices can data science teams evolve to uncover new insights.

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