Bare-Metal Performance for Big Data Workloads on Docker Containers

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In a benchmark study, Intel compared the performance of Big Data workloads running on a bare-metal deployment versus running in Docker containers with the BlueData EPIC software platform. This study used unmodified Hadoop workloads, with an industry-standard benchmark. The workloads for both test environments ran on apples-to-apples configurations on Intel Xeon processor-based architecture. The goal was to find out if you could run Hadoop in a container-based environment without sacrificing the performance that is so critical to Big Data frameworks.

The study found:

  • Setting up new Hadoop clusters in a traditional bare-metal environment can take weeks or even months.
  • Using BlueData EPIC, you can spin up instant clusters for Hadoop, Spark, and other Big Data workloads running in Docker containers.
  • Performance for containerized Hadoop on BlueData EPIC is comparable to (and in some cases event better than) the performance for bare-metal Hadoop. For example, BlueData EPIC demonstrated an average 2.33% performance gain versus bare-metal for 50 Hadoop compute nodes and 10 terabytes of data.
  • The benefits include improved agility, flexibility, and cost efficiency – while ensuring high performance and enterprise-grade security in a multi-tenant architecture.

Download this new white paper for details on this breakthrough performance study, including the benchmark test results, software and hardware configurations, and deployment best practices.

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