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Enterprises are being flooded with information and are more challenged than ever to harness insights that bring value to the business. As islands of information across enterprises grow without centralized management, companies face increasing challenges with ensuring security, compliance and data quality. In addition, some business units, frustrated with long lead times for IT to deliver business intelligence (BI) platforms, are pursuing their own solutions, creating “shadow IT” environments that increase risk exposure and expense for enterprises.

This white paper examines how EMC solved these challenges by transforming IT and the business with analytics as a service, a new approach that unlocks the value of Big Data.

Business Analytics-as-a-Service (BAaaS) introduces a new agile model for reporting and analytics, enabling IT and business users to focus on what they do best. BAaaS empowers business analysts and data scientists across the enterprise with secure access to EMC’s global data warehouse and advanced tools to generate their own analytics and reports. The paper details EMC’s Business Analytics-as-a-Service architecture, deployment, results, best practices and two early adopter use cases.

While EMC is still rolling out BAaaS, the savings and value are already clear. Reports that once took hours are generated in minutes. By using a shared BAaaS infrastructure, EMC IT expects to reduce total cost of ownership to the business. With a few hundred BI applications, savings are projected to be in the tens of millions of dollars based on infrastructure, licensing and support costs.

And that’s not all. With greater agility, increased analytics proficiency and standardized access, BAaaS is proving to be a critical success factor in EMC’s transformational journey to Big Data, generating growth and increasing competitive advantage.

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