Big Data Analytics as a Source of Business Innovation

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Big data analytics are increasingly the start and source of business innovation. And the increased ability to innovate is producing a surge of benefits across industries.

In fact, from 2013 to 2015, SAS surveys show a steady ebb in the percent of companies reporting a competitive advantage from their use of data analytics. And this improved ability to apply insights to strategy may reflect organizational changes in the way managers use data to improve decision making.

Competitive advantage from data analytics is changing, and for the better. For the first time in four years, MIT Sloan Management Review found an increasing ability to strategically innovate with analytics based on interviews with more than 2,600 practitioners and scholars globally.

Learn more about key findings, including:

  • Wider use of analytics, better knowledge of its benefits and greater focus on applications have reversed a trend on the benefits of analytics.
  • Return on investment for analytics stems from the governing and sharing of data throughout the organization.
  • Machine learning enables organizations to discover more insight from their data, allowing employees to focus on other critical responsibilities.

Download the new report from SAS to lean more about how recent headway in data analytics is pushing business innovation.

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