How to Plan and Launch Your Modern Data Catalog

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building a data catalog

Are you ready to plan and launch your modern data catalog? says,  let’s get started.

Build a Strong foundation

Implementing a data catalog helps every member of your data community discover and use the best data and analytics resources for their projects, achieve faster results, and make better decisions. They illuminate tribal knowledge and spur collaboration, both of which are key elements of collective data empowerment. Catalogs are an essential foundation to building your data-driven culture.

It’s important to invest time in planning your implementation. A strong foundation will support your entire organization as it grows and your data needs become more complex.

About this Resource

This guide helps you determine who should help, which resources you’ll need, and what success looks like for a catalog launch. walks you through the basic steps to get your data catalog up and running, discussing the challenges you might face along the way and how to address them. will also provide metrics to measure its impact, and highlight strategies to engage your data stakeholders so they value and adopt the data catalog in their work.

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