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Data is the new oil.  Data growth is exploding, and analyzing large datasets—Big Data —has become the next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity. IDC estimates that in 2012 alone, the amount of data created and replicated surpassed 2.8 zettabytes. One forecast from IDC estimates that data will grow to an overwhelming 44 zettabytes by 2020. This vast amount of data creates new customer targeting opportunities. For instance, an online retailer can create a directed preference engine for online shoppers, a financial services company can improve risk assessment models using multiple data inputs. But, organizations gathering insights from vast volumes of varied data types find that they need more than traditional, structured systems and tools. Big Data analysis needs a powerful and scalable infrastructure with best of breed software solutions so project SLAs are met on time and within budget. Dell Hadoop Solutions.  Dell Hadoop solutions for Big Data.  Unlock business critical insights from data of any type and size.

The Dell solution for Big Data starts with Apache Hadoop - What is Hadoop?
Hadoop is an open source platform that is designed to store and process large datasets in a distributed computing environment. It has two main subprojects: HDFS for data storage and MapReduce for data processing. Hadoop relies on breaking down large datasets across inexpensive commodity servers and storage to process the data in parallel.

What makes Hadoop unique?
• Reduced cost – Hadoop uses commodity servers and storage decreasing the cost to store and process huge datasets.
• Scalable economically – Add unlimited nodes to a Hadoop cluster and process the data in parallel.
• High degree of fault tolerance – Hadoop can direct jobs to other nodes and reduce risk from node faults.
• Unmatched flexibility and consolidation –Store all data types from any data source on a Hadoop cluster within one file system (HDFS).

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