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As the pace of business continues to accelerate, forward-looking organizations are beginning to realize that it is not enough to analyze their data; they must also take action on it. To do this, more businesses are beginning to systematically operationalize their analytics, as well as embedding analytics, as part of a business process.

A new TDWI Best Practices Report, sponsored by SAS, focuses on how organizations can and are operationalizing analytics to derive business value. It provides in-depth survey analysis of current strategies and future trends for embedding analytics across both organizational and technical dimensions, including organizational culture, infrastructure, data and processes. It looks at challenges and how organizations are overcoming them, and offers recommendations and best practices for successfully operationalizing analytics in the organization.

Embedding analytics is certainly not new but has been gaining more attention recently as data volumes and the frequency of data continue to increase. Companies realize that making analytics programmatic by automating operational decisions can be beneficial to both the top and bottom line.

Embedded analytics has evolved beyond reports in CRM and ERP systems to include analytics embedded in dashboards, devices, application, systems, databases, and more.

Download the report now that explores how businesses can better operationalize their analytics.

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