From Yawn to YARN: Why You Should be Excited About Hadoop® 2

White Papers > Big Data > From Yawn to YARN: Why You Should be Excited About Hadoop® 2

By now almost everyone has heard the story of the yellow elephant who never forgets data, consumes whatever data you have from any source, and magically produces a big data treasure trove of business insights for you, including tweets, telemetry, customer sentiment, sensor readings, mobile app activity, and more!  In fact, the story has been told and re-told so many times now
that most people’s natural reaction is… yawn. Hadoop. Big Data. Yeah, yeah. I have heard this story too many times. I google Hadoop and get almost one billion results, but I can’t
yell “yahoo!” about getting paid big bucks to code big data applications in MapReduce, which those cool kids in Silicon Valley used to “money-expand” into billionaires. So why should I
be excited about Hadoop 2? After all, no sequel is as good as the original.  Well, in this case, the sequel is better. The story has changed.  The script has flipped. Even though the new protagonist’s name sounds like yawn, the yarn about YARN is much more than yet another chapter in the same old story. More reimagining than sequel, it will take you from yawn to YARN and get you excited
about Hadoop 2.  This paper explains why.

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