In-Memory Computing: Leading the Fast Data Revolution

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The in-memory computing industry stands on the cusp of a fast data revolution that will greatly change the way human beings live their lives. With middleware software that allows data to be stored in RAM across a cluster of computers and processed in parallel, data processing is now becoming possible at an unprecedented speed and scale — with costs well within reach.

Even fairly recently, in-memory computing has often required very costly hardware to obtain reasonably competitive results. For example, combining an Oracle database with millions of dollars of hardware might provide 20 million transactions per second today. In contrast, the current version of GridGain software with about $25,000 worth of hardware (ten commodity blades, each configured with about a hundred gigabytes of RAM) can provide one billion transactions per second.

This performance level — previously unattainable by even the largest organizations with the deepest pockets and now easily within reach of small businesses — is only part of the reason in-memory computing is leading the fast data revolution.
In addition to speed, today's in-memory computing features:
• Low cost at a time of rapidly increasing demand
• Scalability and availability
• The ability to drive convergence of other data technologies
• An Open Source framework
• Robust capabilities bypassing previous limitations
• Suitability for the needs of both modern and legacy application architectures

In this article I will discuss these aspects of in-memory computing in more detail and describe how the society of the future will depend on the capabilities it provides. Over the next few years, in-memory computing technology will be an integral part of changes that are dramatically transforming the world.

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