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Data is a critical asset for government agencies. All levels of government collect an increasing amount of data every day. As these agencies strive for a meaningful digital transformation, it’s important not only to collect and store large data sets, but also to use that data when making mission-critical decisions. This growing use of so-called “big data” builds mounting pressure on government to use data analytics to turn all data into actionable information. Efficient use of data is the missing link between good governance and capacity building, where data insights can be gleaned to improve service delivery. This technology guide will help government thought leaders in how best to use data analytics to manage and derive value from an increased dependence on data.

A number of prevailing concerns include:
• How are these data is being converted into beneficial insights?
• What happens when you have too much data?
• How do you make sense of it when the data volume is on a continued upward trajectory?
• How can you keep up with the volume of data?

This guide provides an in-depth overview of the use of data analytics technology in the public sector. Focus is given to how data analytics is being used in the government setting with a number of high-profile use case examples, how the Internet-of-Things is taking a firm hold in helping government agencies collect and find insights in a broadening number of data sources, how government sponsored healthcare and life sciences are expanding, as well as how cyber security and data analytics are helping to secure government applications

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