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Even the largest HPC clusters can experience degradation due to poor I/O performance. This occurs as massive amounts of data and increasingly large individual files combine with limited disk drive hardware capacity to cause significant bottlenecks.  Lustre Software  is  an  open  source  parallel file system that improves the overall scalability and performance of HPC clusters. It provides cluster client nodes with shared access to file system data in parallel,  greatly  increasing  throughput and performance. Lustre Software is the most widely used HPC storage system in the world-with parallel storage capabilities utilized by over 50% of HPC deployments-and can scale to tens of thousands of clients.

Now, this industry-leading solution is available for HPC workloads and enterprise technical computing in a pay-as-you-go, cloud-based Linux* environment.  Intel®  Cloud  Edition for Lustre* Software, in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), enables customers to tap into the power of Lustre and experience increased performance and scalability for their applications. This open source solution is available through AWS with the support of Intel's Lustre experts. By running Lustre on AWS, customers can instantly spin up a file system with almost unlimited expandability.

With Intel Cloud Edition for Lustre software, users can easily add, remove, or reconfigure AWS resources to match their workloads and budgets for optimal return on investment. In addition, new applications are being designed and deployed exclusively onto the AWS infrastructure for unmatched total cost of ownership (TCO).

  • Provides fast, massively scalable storage software needed to accelerate performance, even on complex workloads
  • Purpose-built for use with the dynamic computing resources available from AWS
  • Runs Lustre cluster and HPC workloads in virtualized cloud environment
  • Shares storage across compute nodes

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