Machine Learning in Energy: A Hot Spot in Seismic Processing

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machine learning

New technologies in machine learning and more enable the discovery and understanding of where energy deposits are located with more accuracy than ever before. Advances in computing hardware and software allow automated systems to determine where energy deposits may exist and to then aid in environmentally safe delivery to the end consumer.

Today, deep learning techniques have become a mainstream tool that innovative organizations use to disrupt traditional workflows and accelerate the time from possibility to delivery. Now is the time to understand and embrace how machine learning will impact your business and to make plans to integrate into workflows throughout your organization. Machine learning is a critical technology that all organizations must implement in order to gain actionable insights into the massive amounts of data that are being collected.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and ML, based on widely available hardware and novel software techniques, give exploration companies the confidence to pinpoint drilling locations, resulting in lower costs. By using a combination of high performance computing techniques and ML algorithms, optimum drilling locations can be precisely determined with the knowledge that the location, direction and depth of a well will deliver the maximum energy at the least cost.

Download the new special report, courtesy of Dell EMC and Nvidia,  to learn how HPC technology like machine learning and AI are being used for energy exploration, ranging from drilling and well completion to modeling oil-refining strategies.

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