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Businesses are generating data at a faster pace than ever: 90% of the world’s data was generated within the last two years. The increased data volume is rapidly outpacing our ability to consume it. Machine learning allows businesses to efficiently predict future outcomes—and even preemptively take action— based on insights from terabytes of business data.

As the volume and variety of data continues to grow, machine learning techniques are also evolving to cope with these new complexities. By combining big data with machine learning, businesses can build machine learning models with more data. Incorporating additional data allows businesses to improve the model and thereby make better decisions faster.

For enterprises who need to jump start into machine learning, Databricks provides the performance, reliability, and ease of use to tackle machine learning with big data. With Databricks, teams will be able to focus on solving hard machine learning problems instead of supporting infrastructure.

To learn more on making machine learning simple download this white paper.

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