New Study Details Importance of TCO for HPC Storage Buyers

White Papers > Big Data > New Study Details Importance of TCO for HPC Storage Buyers

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is often assumed to be an important consideration for buyers of HPC storage systems. Because TCO is defined differently by HPC users, it’s difficult to make comparisons based on a predefined set of attributes.

With this fact in mind, our friends over at Panasas commissioned Hyperion Research to conduct a worldwide study that asked HPC storage buyers about the importance of TCO in general, and about specific TCO components that have been mentioned frequently in the past two years by HPC storage buyers.

The study findings still don't point to a standard TCO definition that would satisfy most HPC storage buyers. The results do, however, confirm the importance of what happens during the period of ownership, after the storage system has been purchased. The findings show that for many HPC storage buyers, operating expenses—ranging from staffing needs and power to the cost of unscheduled downtimes—are just as important considerations in upfront buying decisions as the initial acquisition cost of the storage system.

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