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DDN Parallel Storage

Using high performance parallel storage solutions, geologists and researchers can now incorporate larger data sets and execute more seismic and reservoir simulations faster than ever before, enabling higher fidelity geological analysis and significantly reduced exploration risk. With high costs of exploration, oil and gas companies are increasingly turning to high performance DDN storage solutions to eliminate I/O bottlenecks, minimize risk and costs, while delivering a larger number of higher fidelity simulations in same time as traditional storage architectures.

Halliburton Landmark ran a series of benchmarks based on common seismic processing workflows based on SeisSpace ProMAX. The purpose of these benchmarks was to independently validate hardware configurations in conjunction with seismic processing workflow and enable users to deploy best in class solutions for high productivity seismic processing.

DDN delivered 300% faster seismic performance than competing Network Attached Storage (NAS) approaches. Additionally DDN eliminated I/O bottlenecks enabling unprecedented 1100% improvement in large IO portions of the workflow. Customers using DDN solutions can run three times the number of seismic processing workflows in the same time it would take to run one workflow on competing traditional NAS ecosystems.  Download this white paper to learn more.

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