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At The Data Incubator we pride ourselves on having the latest data science curriculum. Much of our curriculum is based on feedback from corporate  and government partners about the technologies they are looking to learn.

However, we wanted to develop a more data-driven approach to what we should be teaching in our data science corporate training and our free  fellowship for masters and PhDs looking to enter data science careers in industry.

This report is the first in a series analyzing data science related topics. We thought it would be useful to the data science community to rank and  analyze a variety of topics related to the profession in a simple, easy to digest cheat sheet, rankings or reports.

This first report ranks R packages for machine learning, and we're hoping to stir the pot a bit and get our colleagues to join the discussion. Our  discoveries here aren't final, but rather serve to showcase the depth, and the breadth, of knowledge available to the data science community.

Like any good report, The Data Incubator Rankings will take into consideration a wide number of factors to showcase trends, and provide a sense of  clarity as to programming biases, and preferred methods of the data science community.

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