Recommendation Engines: Learn How to Drive More Users to Your Content

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Recommendation Engine

This guide is intended to provide a high-level overview of recommendation engines, how they’re built, and how they can be used to improve businesses across industries, from media to e-commerce and more. By the end, readers should have an understanding of the following:

  • The breadth of different systems that use recommendation engines to improve user experience and the types of engines that exist.

  • Business questions to evaluate before determining whether building a recommendation engine is the best solution, and if so, considerations before diving in.

  • How to build a simple recommendation engine as well as tips and guidance for building a more complex system.

For those completely unfamiliar with data science in the context of recommendation engines, this guide will provide a short introduction to the topic and walk through the core aspects.

But on top of that, for those already familiar, the guide includes some code and practical examples for execution.

Download the full report to find out how recommendation engines can be an effective way to drive more eyes to your content.

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