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Software Defined Infrastructure

Engineering, scientific, analytics, big data and research workloads place extraordinary demands on technical and high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure. Supporting these workloads can be especially challenging for organizations that have unpredictable spikes in demand, need access to additional compute or storage for a project, or to support a growing business.

At the same time, pressures to “do more with less” create requirements for greater efficiency, particularly among smaller, emerging companies that often lack adequate resources or budgets to build the necessary infrastructure on their own. They need solutions that are affordable and easy to use, and that will help make the most of their infrastructure investment by ensuring

compute resources are fully utilized and the workload is well-prioritized.

Software defined infrastructure (SDI) enables organizations to deliver HPC services in the most efficient way possible, optimizing resource utilization to accelerate time to results and reduce costs. Software Defined Infrastructure is the foundation for a fully integrated environment, optimizing compute, storage and networking infrastructure to quickly adapt to changing business requirements, and dynamically managing workloads and data, transforming a static infrastructure into a workload- , resource- and data-aware environment.

Public cloud computing offers an attractive option for organizations seeking to take advantage of the ability to access, add and

remove resources as needed (that is, temporarily accessing compute and storage and dropping it when done). By providing additional capacity on a temporary or ongoing basis, cloud enables smaller organizations to access HPC infrastructure without the need for capital expenditures.

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