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It's no secret that the rampant proliferation of smartphones, camera phones, tablet devices, mobile devices, big data, and the Internet of Things has led to an "uber-connected" world — for businesses and consumers alike. We live in a world in which social media is considered to be an existential strand of human-to-human interaction and in which humans are increasingly demanding information access, services, and entertainment delivered instantaneously via any and all of their devices.

We also live in a world where data is the new digital currency. We're only scratching the surface of a potential "value" gold mine derived from analyzing data from devices and sensors. In 2013, IDC forecast that the Digital Universe contains 4.4 zettabytes worth of data, but less than 1% of that data is currently being analyzed, creating opportunity and unrealized value extraction.

This explosive data growth has led to newer data access paradigms such as cloud. But more importantly, it has led to a situation where more and more data sets are short-lived, with shelf lives spanning hours, minutes, and even seconds in many cases. This fact is not lost on most cloud services and social media providers, which must grapple with maintaining an agile infrastructure.

As a result, long-term storage solutions are gaining traction as a new form of ultra-cheap storage with data accessibility that's faster than tape, yet designed specifically for "long-term" data. Long-term data is becoming more prevalent, thanks to the changing nature of human interactions, devices, sensors, and applications. Coupled with this trend is the rise of hyperscale datacenters that strive to achieve near 100% uptime.

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