From Out of Nowhere: the Unstoppable Rise of the Data Catalog

White Papers > From Out of Nowhere: the Unstoppable Rise of the Data Catalog
data catalog

The data catalog has come from nowhere in the past five years to become a key enabling technology for multiple use cases including self-service analytics, self-service data preparation and multi-location data management.

The rise of the data catalog shows no signs of abating. This is in part due to the fundamental importance of the data catalog to modern data processing and analytics environments, as well as the rebranding of existing metadata curation and management functionality as data catalogs.

While higher-profile products and services such as machine learning grab the headlines, there is a case to be made that the data catalog is the most important data management breakthrough to have emerged in the last decade. The term ‘data catalog’ was almost unheard of just a few years ago.

In addition, data catalogs have become key components of data governance, master data management, self-service analytics and self-service data preparation offerings. They also help support the identification and discovery of data to fuel machine learning and other data science projects.

Download the new white paper from Unifi Software, that explores the data catalog as a major data management breakthrough, as well as its importance in enabling modern analytics architecture.

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