Slidecast: Xyratex Launches ClusterStor Lustre Storage Appliance

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In this video, Ken Claffey from Xyratex presents the company’s new ClusterStor Appliance for Lustre-based HPC storage. Today the company announced the ClusterStor 3000 will be available exclusively through OEMs in the fourth quarter of this year.

“The University of Cambridge is a very experienced Lustre user and we have found the ClusterStor 3000 to be one of the easiest Lustre storage solutions to install, configure and manage,” said Paul Calleja, Director of High Performance Computing at the University of Cambridge, a ClusterStor 3000 beta site. “Xyratex incorporates all of the key component technologies required for a Lustre storage solution into an integrated, modular, high density form factor. With Lustre and a comprehensive storage management framework integrated into the ClusterStor 3000, we can easily configure and manage our cluster. This will save us a significant amount of time as we deploy new HPC systems.”

Key to the ClusterStor 3000’s performance is its unique scale-out storage architecture that starts with the consolidation of Lustre servers, RAID controllers and disk enclosures – which are delivered as three separate components in traditional systems – into a single scalable storage unit (SSU) appliance. The SSU is the new fundamental Lustre file system building block that has been perfectly balanced to deliver linear performance and capacity scalability as requirements increase. As performance or capacity needs change, users can simply add incremental SSUs to the storage cluster and begin leveraging the increased performance and capacity immediately. Read the Full Story.

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