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How Generative AI Can Augment Creative Output, Reshape the Future of Storytelling and Content Production

In this special guest feature Debajyoti (Deb) Ray, Founder/CEO of RivetAI, discusses how AI is impacting the film/entertainment industry. Disruptive AI technologies are significantly boosting creative productivity, and it’s not just happening in the movie business: the $450 billion content production industry is ripe for the picking, too.

Rethinking Messaging for the Era of Microservices and Cloud

In this special guest feature Matteo Merli, Streamlio co-founder, discusses what’s needed from a modern solution for connecting data in the era of cloud and microservices – the same thing that’s always been demanded of messaging: ensuring performance, scalability, resiliency, elasticity and flexibility to support how data is processed and connected. What’s changed is the nature and scale of those demands in a world that’s grown significantly in both complexity and pace.

Automation Promises to Pull Big Data Out of Its “Dial-Up” Phase

In this special guest feature Ramesh Menon, Head of Products at Infoworks, discusses how big data is in a predicament, with great promise, and with plenty of innovation at work. But much of it is behind the scenes, and much of that is still surprisingly limited. In a way, big data is trying to break out of the “for developers only” mold the same way ARPANET—the precursor to the web—had to evolve to appeal to more than just computer scientists.

Making Data More Affordable for AI Projects

In this special guest feature Xin Song, Co-founder and CEO of Bottos, points out that if AI is the engine that drives innovation in the next few years, then data is the fuel that powers AI. Unfortunately, both the cost and availability of data is a hurdle that many small to mid-size companies have a difficult time overcoming.

Data Democratization: A New Roadmap for Business in the 21st Century

In this special guest feature, Christian Anschuetz, Chief Digital Officer at UL, discusses his belief that data will “democratize” business decisions, leading to better decision-making, new business models and a vastly different business landscape.

Demand Forecasting Mistakes in the Retail Industry

In this special guest feature, Aaron Hoffer, Lead Data Scientist for Alloy, discusses common problems he has seen in forecasting processes, and the importance of focusing on “true demand.”

Communication Tips to Alleviate Cognitive Burden

In this special guest feature, Scott Parker, Director of Product Marketing at Sinequa, discusses the evolution of data search and analytics techniques and how modern technologies are helping employees find the right data faster and spend less time searching through irrelevant content. He also discusses how information-driven organizations are harnessing big data to improve operational efficiency and accelerate innovation.

Getting Creative on Solving the Data Scientist Crunch

In this special guest feature, Ashok Reddy, Group General Manager for DevOps at CA, discusses the data scientist talent gap and how in this high-demand market for data scientists, companies need to think differently about the position, and how it relates to other parts of the organization.

Predictive Analytics in Operations

In this special guest feature, Michelle Odajima, Data Science Program Leader at OSIsoft, talks about applying predictive analytics to the operational space, and provides three basic rules for doing so: first, come up with an objective; second, get good data; third, build a team with data science skills.

How Higher Education Can Use Data Analytics to Address Declining Enrollments

In this special guest feature, Eric Spear, Founder and President of Precision Campus, discusses how colleges and universities are trying to come up with a strategy to combat declining enrollments. The answer lies in using existing data to discover new insights.