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In the Time of Big Data and Machine Learning, It’s Important to Ask “Why?”

In this special guest feature, Sundeep Sanghavi, Co-founder and CEO of DataRPM, believes that “The Five Whys” interrogation technique developed by Sakichi Toyoda, founder of the Toyota car company and hero of the Japanese industrial revolution, is still very relevant in today’s age of big data and machine learning.

Microservices and Your Data: What You Need To Know

In this special guest feature, Christian Posta, Chief Architect, Cloud Application Development at Red Hat, argues that data is one of the hardest parts of microservices. If a core tenet of microservices is that each service should have its own database, how does the system reconcile changes across these databases while maintaining independence and autonomy? The answer, according to Christian, is to adopt a domain-driven design approach. By modelling the data within a set domain and context, microservices can shed these dependencies while still maintaining data consistency throughout the system.

For a Successful Data-driven Transformation, Follow These Three Steps

In this special guest feature, Lars Fæste and Antoine Gourévitch of The Boston Consulting Group, discuss how data is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for business leaders in many industries who want a competitive edge, and how many companies struggle to collect and profit from data in new ways. He then outlines a three-step approach to data transformation that is easier, cheaper and more successful than attempts at sweeping, large-scale change.

Five Questions to Embrace Diversity in Your Data Architecture

In this special guest feature, Jonathan Natkins, Field Engineering Director at StreamSets discusses why companies need to embrace diversity in data architecture and shares five questions to determine which architecture best fits a particular application.

Building a More Logical Data Warehouse with a Data Vault

In this special guest feature, Mark Madsen, President of Third Nature Inc. discusses the rise of the data vault as a database modeling method that provides long-term historical storage of data from multiple operational systems and enables users to look at historical data that deals with issues such as auditing, and trace data to determine where it originated.

Transportation, Public Safety and the Modern Power Grid Thrive with Integrated Smart City Data

In this special guest feature, Steph Stoppenhagen, Smart City Business Development Director for Black & Veatch’s Smart Integrated Infrastructure business, outlines how a growing awareness, understanding and acceptance of data-based technology is rapidly changing how city officials manage community services.

Intel-Based Software: The Perfect Fit for Digital Asset Management

In this special guest feature, Krish Kupathil, founder and CEO of Mobiliya, discusses how almost every industry is in the process of ramping up IoT mechanisms, and one of its biggest applications remains in the field of physical asset management, monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Driving Reliability and Improving Maintenance Outcomes with Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Mike Brooks, Senior Business Consultant at AspenTech, discusses how companies can no longer rely solely on traditional equipment maintenance practices but must also incorporate operational behaviors in deploying data-driven solutions using machine learning.

How to Capitalize on Big Data with IT Automation

In this special guest feature, Jim Manias, Vice President at Advanced Systems Concepts, Inc., discusses how organizations can best capitalize on their data using IT automation.

Beyond the Hype: Five Key Imperatives for Successful Analytics Projects

In this special guest feature, Soumendra Mohanty, Executive Vice President and Head of Analytics at LTI, provides five imperatives to establish a data-driven decision-making culture in your organization where there is a seamless exchange of ideas and insights.