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Implementing Ethical AI

In this special guest feature, R.J. Talyor, Founder and CEO of Pattern89, discusses implementing ethical AI into a company’s business strategy. As AI becomes more common across multiple industries, so do the ethical questions surrounding its creation, transparency and bias. It measures what a human tells it to measure, aggregating a lifetime of knowledge based on a human directive. So, if that human directive is biased, the AI is biased and will learn more through that biased lens.

Accelerate Value at your Organization by Becoming Data-driven

In this special guest feature, Penny Wand, director in West Monroe’s technology practice, says data – it’s what organizations have been looking to understand, mine and turn into actionable insights for years. Many firms would say that they’ve already nailed it when it comes to data. And – they’d be wrong. Wand provides thoughts on actionable steps orgs can take to analyze and apply insights from their data effectively.

How AI is Demystifying B2B Customer Loyalty

In this special guest feature, Dan Zimmerman, Chief Product and Information Officer at MSTS, discusses how AI can help crack the code of brand loyalty. Using AI, it’s possible to compare two seemingly-identical buyers, and accurately predict which will continue purchasing from the seller. This allows companies to identify unique opportunities and better pinpoint where to focus resources.

The Next Frontier: Making AI Smarter with Edge Computing and HCI

In this special guest feature, Phil White, CTO at Scale Computing, discusses how HCI and edge computing will greatly benefit the advancement of AI and details how the ability to locally store and process data will allow AI to run more efficiency and reduce latency.

Preventing Big Data Project Failure

In this special guest feature, Anexinet Director of Advanced Analytics, Brian Atkiss, discusses how Big Data projects can fail for many reasons, including the project’s inability to integrate with existing business processes, data security and/or governance challenges. Often a Big Data project will fail because an organization is looking to solve too many problems by using a broad Big-Data solution rather than identifying a few core-business cases that will ultimately provide the most value for the business.

Building a Modern Data Pipeline Means Making Big Decisions

In this special guest feature, John Hammink, Developer Advocate at, discusses how there are numerous ways to go about designing and maintaining a viable data pipeline, and there is no silver-bullet solution for every organization. Those that choose a managed service route to address these challenges may realize the most future-proof and direct path to a solution, while those that keep things on-prem can — with the right competencies and resources — architect the most custom path forward. But whichever path you choose, it’s important to make decisions quickly and strategically.

Becoming Iron Man

In this special guest feature, Cat Casey, DISCO Chief Innovation Officer, breaks down how AI and machine learning are not only handling repetitive tasks, but also augmenting and amplifying human decision making, enabling legal professionals to focus on higher value tasks — in other words, to truly practice law.

Drones and Data: How Utility Companies May Need to Rethink their Approach to Data Management

In this special guest feature, Ilkka Hiidenheimo, Sharper Shape CEO, provides detail about managing the robust data sets generated from drone utility inspections. While leveraging drone technology is an enormous benefit, it requires capabilities like AI and machine learning and better workflow processes to turn complex information into not only clear and simple, but also actionable – ultimately revolutionizing processes that will lead to long-term, beneficial results.

Data Problems? Look at In-Memory Analytics First

In this special guest feature, Antoine Chambille, Global Head of Research & Development at ActiveViam, discusses how in-memory analytics is helping businesses solve their data challenges. In-memory analytics has quietly become a go-to solution for many businesses today where real-time decision-making is the norm — such as finance, retail or healthcare. Three main reasons have made in-memory analytics an increasingly popular solution across industries.

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing How We Sell

In this special guest feature, Adam Honig, CEO of Spiro, discusses how proactive relationship management isn’t leveraging AI to replace humans, but instead is helping highly paid sales professionals work more effectively and providing sales leaders with critical insights into their pipelines.