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How AI Enables Organizations to Move from Network Monitoring to Proactive Observability

In this special guest feature, Stephen Amstutz, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Xalient, discusses the role of AI in the shift from network monitoring to observability, highlighting the benefits of AI observability in limiting downtime, protecting brand reputation, and ultimately saving money!

Stop Building Models, Start Training Data

In this special guest feature, Sanjay Pichaiah, VP of Product Growth at Akridata, highlights why it is time for data scientists to stop building models and start training data. The path to better models and greater model accuracy doesn’t lie exclusively with the model, even though that has been the greatest focus in recent years. To truly accelerate and increase model performance, we need to be focusing more on the training data sets we are supplying the models and stop hoping the data is good enough.

Six Key Components to Enhance Your MDM Program

In this special guest feature, Robert Eichelman, Solutions Architect at Experis, shows that whether you are starting to build your Master Data Management (MDM) approach or are continuing to evolve your current program, there are key MDM fundamentals to keep in mind. This article outlines six steps to help businesses evaluate and sustain an extendable program to help ensure future success.

Machine Learning Career Path: Exploring Opportunities in 2022 and Beyond

In this special guest feature, George Tsagas, Owner of eMathZone, discusses how machine learning professionals can work as data scientists, computer engineers, robotics engineers, or managers. But if you want to make a career, the first step in finding opportunities in the field of machine learning is to understand the different types of jobs and skills needed.

The Chaos of Collaboration Data: Understanding the New Unstructured Data Set

In this special guest feature, Chris Plescia, Chief Technology Evangelist, Aware, highlights how conversational platforms and tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer, and Workplace from Meta have made the digital workplace more productive, social and collaborative but they’ve also introduced a non-standard data set into the enterprise. The article will help readers to understand the new data set by describing IT challenges, governance risks, and other considerations for the collaboration ecosystem.

How Conversation Design is Using Machine Learning to Make Robots More Helpful

In this special guest feature, Dmitry Gritsenko, CEO of the Master of Code Global, suggests that as interest in the commercial use of conversation design continues to rise, it’s a great time to look at the technologies that are making all of this possible as well as its impact on users today and in the future.

Business Goals as Friend or Foe: How to Keep Focused when Building an Analytics Program

In this special guest feature, Lynda Partner, EVP, Data & Analytics, Pythian, discusses the top business drivers for analytics programs and how, depending on each one, a company might shape an analytics program differently.

Using Natural Language Processing to Uncover Valuable Insights in Text-based Data

In this special guest feature, Ryan Welsh, Co-founder and CEO of Kyndi, discusses how organizations are leveraging the latest natural language processing techniques to enable sophisticated natural language understanding. An approach that enables them to quickly discover the most pertinent answers hidden in various documents, every time a user is searching for answers in text-based data.

The Secret to Remaining Competitive in the AI/ML Landscape? Identify and Overcome Barriers to Scale

In this special guest feature, Marshall Choy, SVP of Product at SambaNova Systems, focuses on several trends that are affecting the future of AI/ML. 75% of business leader respondents say improving access to deep learning is very important for fostering competition and innovation in their industry. AI/ML specific chip architectures are essential to scaling effectively, but hardware engineers and IT leaders can no longer depend on the veracity of Moore’s Law – emphasizing why hardware efficiency is more important now than ever.

Why a Data Analytics Strategy is No Longer a Nice-to-have

In this special guest feature, Evan Reese, Vice President of Delivery Data Analytics at AllCloud, discusses how a data analytics strategy is an overall plan that gets you from what you need to accomplish to a plan that’s both repeatable and sustainable.