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Using AI for Contract Management

In this special guest feature, Sunu Engineer, Principal Architect at Icertis, discusses using AI for Contract Lifecycle Management. Done right, AI for contract management has the potential to empower organizations to stay out front by turning repositories of contracts into indispensable strategic advantages.

Driving with Data: How AI is Personalizing the Auto Insurance Industry and Saving Lives

In this special guest feature, Gilad Avrashi, CTO & Co-Founder at MDgo, believes that now is the time for the insurance industry to leverage AI technology to unlock the power of data and provide personalized services that customers demand to retain them as loyal customers.

We All Know about AI in Medicine By Now. Here’s Why It Really Matters.

In this special guest feature, Eran Atlas, Co-Founder & CEO of DreaMed Diabetes, discusses how the rapid incorporation of artificial intelligence in medicine is no longer a novel trend, with more fields than ever developing improved solutions and protocols. Yet the intricacies of AI have often made it a difficult success story to explain to the average Joe. While AI’s huge leap forward has provided much needed clarity and assistance to medical decision-makers, its positive effects have not been as crystal clear for the general public, meaning patients and prospective patients, have no clue how it helps. This article details how AI in medicine helps and affects patients themselves, and not just the guys and gals wearing the white coats.

MLOps Brings Best Practices to Developing Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Henrik Skogström, Head of Growth at Valohai, discusses how MLOps (machine learning operations) is becoming increasingly relevant as it is the next step in scaling and accelerating the development of machine learning capabilities. The definition of MLOps is not yet crystal clear, but the practice aims to systematize and automate how machine learning models are trained, deployed, and monitored.

3 NLP Trends Prime for Improvement in the New Year

In this special guest feature, David Talby, CTO, John Snow Labs, discusses how the new year is expected to be another pivotal one for NLP growth, and there are several trends driving this. Significant improvements made in three specific areas will affect NLP adoption over the next year – read on to learn about the ones to watch out for.

The Catalyst for Widespread AI Adoption

In this special guest feature, Dr. Josh Sullivan from Modzy, discusses the issue of understanding how AI comes to a decision is no longer just about curiosity; it must be an essential element of nearly all AI applications. AI is being used to power decisions that significantly impact lives.

High Value, Low Contact: Emerging Retail Technology for a COVID-Influenced World

In this special guest feature, Melanie Nuce, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at GS1 US, discusses extracting maximum consumer information from store traffic while also making the experience safe and contactless. Digitizing store experiences is becoming paramount–consumers want to make the most of fewer shopping trips while technologies like AI, IoT, and sensors are coming to the forefront to support innovative consumer engagement strategies.

Demystifying the Difference Between Data Integrity & Data Quality

In this special guest feature, Amy O’Connor, Chief Data and Information Officer at Precisely, believes that while many use the terms data integrity and data quality interchangeably, there are some important differences between the two that must be kept in mind. A truly robust data system ensures data addresses these distinctions, helping businesses maximize the accuracy, consistency, and context of the information being stored.

Why Business Analytics is Crucial for Field Service Companies

In this special guest feature, Rick Agajanian, VP of Product Management at WorkWave, believes that when a company has the right business analytics tools in place, it has the potential to be a massive game-changer for their company and its place within the field service industry.

Using Analytics to Minimize Serious Injuries and Fatalities

In this special guest feature, Dag Yemenu, Executive Vice President of Products at ISN, discusses the rise of data analytics in contractor management and safety, and how this technology can help employers better understand the events related to SIFs, where they’re happening, the type of contractor that is typically affected and how to use this information to better train workers and reduce SIFs.