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Teacher Pay is Stagnating. Data and Analytics Could Give it a Boost

In this special guest feature, University of San Diego Assistant Professor in Economics, Alison Sanchez, argues that economic questions like how to increase teachers’ pay can be answered through large-scale data analysis. There is not one single answer or explanation behind the widespread salary drop for teachers, but data and analytics can reveal individual causes of teacher pay stagnation and provide customized solutions to address them.

Businesses Building AI Applications Are Shifting to Open Infrastructure

In this special guest feature, Ami Badani, CMO of Cumulus Networks, suggests that as AI requires a lot of data to train algorithms in addition to immense compute power and storage to process larger workloads when running these applications, IT leaders are fed up with forced, expensive and inefficient infrastructure, and as a result they are turning to open infrastructure to enable this adoption, ultimately transforming their data centers.

Busting the 5 Common Myths Business Leaders Get Wrong About AI

In this special guest feature, Nikolas Kairinos, CEO and co-founder of Prospex and Fountech, takes a look at the 5 common myths business leaders get wrong about AI. Every organisation should consider the potential impact of this technology on its strategy, and how it can be utilised to solve problems that it faces. But more importantly, it’s essential that business leaders educate themselves about AI and the many ways they can reap the rewards of integrating it into their organisation.

AI Hype: Why the Reality Often Falls Short of Expectations

In this special guest feature, AJ Abdallat, CEO of Beyond Limits, takes a look at the tech industry’s hype cycle, in particular how it often falls short of expectations when related to artificial intelligence. The concept of artificial intelligence has existed for more than 60 years, and modern AI systems are revolutionizing how people live and work. However, conventional AI solutions do not use the technology to its fullest potential.

What Happens When the Spin Doctors Adopt Machine Learning? The Future of PR

In this special guest feature, Michael Burke, Director of Science & Technology at MSR Communications, takes a look at the state of the PR industry and its growing relationship with data science and machine learning technology. Machine learning may not replace the art of PR anytime soon, but there are countless areas where machine learning can refine and support the intuition and creativity that is critical to PR.

The Unanticipated Consequences of Containerization

In this special guest feature, Marc MacLeod, Stoplight Founder & CEO, suggests that while containerization and microservices are an effective solution to modern problems of scalability, they also introduce a new set of problems. A lack of cohesive design strategy can lead to a hodgepodge of ill-fitting APIs at companies, with duplicated services, inconsistent design patterns and all the consequences that cascade from there.

Making the Numbers Add Up: Closing the Skills and Diversity Gap in Data Science

In this special guest feature, Natalie Cramp, CEO of Profusion, looks at what businesses can actually do to solve the skills and diversity gap outside of just paying lip service, and how to get schools on board. Natalie fully understands the importance of filling the skills gap as quickly and efficiently as possible, as without data experts a data consultancy cannot exist.

The Bots Have Arrived (What’s New?)

In this special guest feature, Karl Chan, President and Chief Technology Officer at Laserfiche, believes that as the sheer amount of data continues to rise, humans alone will not be able to meet the challenge of managing and processing it. Bots, already widely deployed for everything from customer service requests to medical operations, are the solution for today’s organizations that need to collect data from multiple, disparate sources, manage and process it, and put it to use.

Implementing Ethical AI

In this special guest feature, R.J. Talyor, Founder and CEO of Pattern89, discusses implementing ethical AI into a company’s business strategy. As AI becomes more common across multiple industries, so do the ethical questions surrounding its creation, transparency and bias. It measures what a human tells it to measure, aggregating a lifetime of knowledge based on a human directive. So, if that human directive is biased, the AI is biased and will learn more through that biased lens.

Accelerate Value at your Organization by Becoming Data-driven

In this special guest feature, Penny Wand, director in West Monroe’s technology practice, says data – it’s what organizations have been looking to understand, mine and turn into actionable insights for years. Many firms would say that they’ve already nailed it when it comes to data. And – they’d be wrong. Wand provides thoughts on actionable steps orgs can take to analyze and apply insights from their data effectively.