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How AI Can Save Jobs in the COVID-19 Economy

In this special guest feature, Arijit Sengupta Founder & CEO of Aible, believes that the key to saving jobs in the COVID economy requires the right tool for the job, in this case, a new type of AI that blends augmented analytics and human domain knowledge. What business leaders need is an analytical tool to help them consider many possibilities quickly, execute a strategy while preserving options and react to change based on timely feedback.

Customers Want Experiences, Not Chatbots

In this special guest feature, Richard Smullen, CEO of Pypestream, discusses how moving forward, conversational experiences, not automated text transactions, need to be the priority for brands. Companies using CI and other automation will provide the seamless experiences customers expect and create true engagement using AI.

To Drive Revenue, Focus on Where your Data is Going

In this special guest feature, Christopher Caen, CEO at PixelTitan, discusses how companies have to realize the goal for understanding effective use of their corporate data is knowing not where it is created, but where it is going. In order to do this, executives have to move away from a mindset of “who” owns the data (where the data is) to “how it’s going to be utilized/consumed.

Top Five Data Privacy Issues that Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Startups Need to Know

In this special guest feature, Joseph E. Mutschelknaus, a director in Sterne Kessler’s Electronics Practice Group, addresses some of the top data privacy compliance issues that startups dealing with AI and ML applications face. lligence (AI) startups, data is king. Data is the key differentiator from competitors, and data is the fuel on which applications run. Yet, it is also subject an increasing array of regulations.

How Modern Active/Active Data Infrastructures Unlock Digital Transformation

In this special guest feature, Srini Srinivasan, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Aerospike, begins by discussing the limitations of an ACTIVE-PASSIVE data infrastructure approach. He’ll then explain how an ACTIVE-ACTIVE approach works, along with an example, and the technical and business transformation benefits it delivers.

Democratizing AI: How to Gain Actionable Insights through Open Source

In this special guest feature, Ion Stoica, Co-founder of Anyscale, details the state of machine learning application creation in the enterprise today, the case for democratizing AI, and what this means for the future of work. He’ll also share how open source software tools such as Ray (which he helped to create) are helping close the gap to make the benefits of machine learning more accessible to all, regardless of expertise in programming.

A Modern Data Storage Paradigm; Reducing the High Cost of Data Management

In this special guest feature, Matt Starr, Chief Technology Officer at Spectra Logic, discusses a new storage paradigm and highlights how organizations can architect a highly reliable and affordable storage ecosystem that saves time, reduces data-loss risk and lowers storage costs. Matt brings more than 24 years of technology experience to his role. As CTO, Matt is responsible for helping to define Spectra’s technology roadmap and execute on Spectra’s technology strategy.

Keys to Managing Real Time Data During COVID-19

n this special guest feature, Ben Schein, VP of data curiosity at Domo, draws on his many years of experience with real time data working at Target during the days of Black Friday to the current day where he works to monitor a new COVID-19 tracker. There is something very powerful and culture changing about being connected to your data (and by extension your customer or constituent or patient) in real time.

AI: Stress Relief for IT’s “New Normal”

In this special guest feature, Rachel Obstler, VP of Product at PagerDuty, focuses on the power for data analytics and AI during today’s current environment. It’s critical to automate processes to create efficiencies — nothing is more important than getting the right information to the right people at the right times. AI contributes to this success in several ways.

5 Steps to an Effective SMB Analytics Program

In this special guest feature, Christopher Risher, Senior Program Manager at Onepath, discusses the 5 steps SMBs can take to implement a business analytics program. These steps will open up a whole new world of insight into your organization and help you take it to the next level.