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Artificial Intelligence and the Move Towards Preventive Healthcare

In this special guest feature, Waqaas Al-Siddiq, Founder and CEO of Biotricity, discusses how AI’s ability to crunch Big Data will play a key role in the healthcare industry’s shift toward preventative care. A physicians’ ability to find the relevant data they need to make a diagnosis will be augmented by new AI enhanced technologies.

Why Proactive Customer Service is Crucial and How Data Visualization Can Help

In this special guest feature, Robert C. Johnson, CEO of TeamSupport, discusses why proactive customer service powered by data and accompanied by data visualizations is crucial because it increases customer retention rates and overall happiness. It’s no secret in business that happy customers also lead to more referral and growth opportunities.

Unmasking Privileged Identity Thieves with User Behavior Analytics

In this special guest feature, Csaba Krasznay, Security Evangelist at Balabit, discusses how applying advanced statistical techniques to IT users’ digital behaviors, security professionals can then recognize and escalate unusual activity that could be related to identity theft.

How CRM Companies Can Borrow a Page from the AI Playbook

In this special guest feature, Lisa Fairbanks, Director of Product Management and Product Marketing for Tata Consultancy Services’ (TCS) Salesforce Practice, discusses the success of and how other CRM leaders should look to copy a page from the Salesforce playbook – that is, identify AI approaches specifically tuned for B2B sales reps, including closing a deal and forecasting results.

Big Data Has a Complete Tale to Tell to Those Who Listen

In this special guest feature, Rob Consoli, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Liaison Technologies, discusses the challenges of effective data management, best practices for collecting quality, usable data, and the advantages of a streamlined data repository to an organization’s bottom line.

File Storage Faces a Perfect Storm, But There’s a Way Out

In this special guest feature, Peter Godman, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at universal-scale file storage company Qumulo, discusses the situation where a combination of conditions have come together to form a perfect storm of storage disruption that existing large-scale file systems will find hard to weather.

Data Governance 2.0, Data is Everyone’s Business

In this special guest feature, Adam Famularo, CEO at erwin, discusses how the age of Data Governance 2.0 is dawning. It’s an age that must be marked by everyone within the business collaborating in data governance. Data Governance 2.0 takes the stage with its call to treat data governance as a strategy aligned to strategic business goals and not just as an IT-driven point solution.

Swing and a Miss – How to Avoid Striking Out with the Wrong Data

In this special guest feature, Mark Budzinski, CEO at WhereScape, discusses how baseball can teach valuable data management lessons for enterprise by outlining how to get the right mix of automation and intelligent human analytical input. Context with any data set is just as critical to the result as is the collection of such data.

Is iPhone X’s Face ID the Beginning of an Arms Race for Facial Data?

In this special guest feature, Robin Bordoli, CEO of CrowdFlower, discusses how the new iPhone X facial recognition technology may represent the beginning of an arms race for facial data.

Business Intelligence Requires Natural Language Generation

In this special guest feature, Stuart Frankel, CEO of Narrative Science, discusses how Business Intelligence requires natural language generation (NLG) technology, a subset of artificial intelligence, that transforms data and analysis into concise, intelligent and human-sounding language that anyone can understand. This transformation occurs in mere seconds, at a scale only possible with AI-powered software, freeing up workers from tedious, manual data analysis processes.