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Is Your Data FAIR? An Open Data Checklist for Success

In this special guest feature, Assaf Katan, CEO & Co-Founder of Apertio, the Open Data deep search engine, suggests that there are huge social and financial benefits that businesses and economies can realize if they can successfully leverage Open Data. Despite this, there are still some hurdles for data professionals to leap. A great way to start is to consider whether your data meets the criteria for what’s known as the FAIR principles. These are Findability, Accessibility, Interoperability and Reusability.

AI Goes Mainstream

According to a recent Gartner survey, Artificial intelligence (AI) learning has moved from a specialized field into mainstream business use with 37 percent of respondents reporting their enterprises either had deployed AI or would do so shortly. WekaIO’s Barbara Murphy explores the path of artificial intelligence from the fringe to mainstream business practices. Find out what is driving AI growth and adoption.

How to Get to the Data-Enabled Data Center

Despite their many promising benefits, advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning (DL) are creating some of the most challenging workloads in modern computing history and put significant strain on the underlying I/O, storage, compute and network. An AI-enabled data center must be able to concurrently and efficiently service the entire spectrum of activities involved in the AI and DL process, including data ingest, training and inference.

Why Providers Should Centralize Analytics

In this special guest feature, Hossein Fakhrai-Rad, President & Chief Scientific Officer at BaseHealth, discusses how In the future, the insights derived from centralized analytics delivery models are likely to help hospitals improve quality, lower costs, identify at-risk populations and better understand performance. For that to happen, however, hospitals and health systems must first overcome the fragmented, decentralized approach to analytics that prevents them from realizing the full value of their analytics investments.

Artificial Intelligence: No Longer a Business Want but a Need Instead

In this special guest feature, Windy Garrett, Vice President, Cloud Partners at Atos North America, discusses that while competitive business and targeted customer interactions need AI for successful strategy and overall operational efficiency, 2019 will revolve less around decision-makers’ intuitions as quantifiable data becomes more mainstream and expected. The key here for strategists is not to get bogged down in trying to make numbers justify a decision as this results in “paralysis by analysis.”

Automated Compliance Technology is the Key to Quality Health Data Analytics

In this special guest feature, Guy Meger, CTO, VP R&D of EarlySense, (a leader in contact-free, continuous monitoring solutions for the healthcare continuum) discusses how with automated compliance monitoring in place, healthcare staff can focus their expertise and time on healing, while patients can rest and recuperate without any anxiety-induced disturbances. For these reasons, many global hospitals and medical facilities are turning to automated compliance technology to support big data systems that operate at their full potential and reach their clinical and economic goals.

Robots Keeping Shelves Stocked: How Machine Learning and AI is Helping the CD Industry Stay in the Game

In this special guest feature, Amjad Hussain, founder and CEO of,, observes that whereas 20 years ago, labels were able to flood stores with CDs in the knowledge surplus inventory would inevitably sell over time, doing so now could lead to huge losses. As such, companies are increasingly turning to new smart technology which harnesses the power of machine learning AI to accurately predict future demand using existing data.

5 Reasons Why You Still Need to Backup Your SaaS Data

In this special guest feature, Madhan Kanagavel, CEO of FileCloud, discusses the question: should a discerning company with its eye vigilantly on the bottom line employ backup when it’s already invested in the safety net of SaaS? The short answer, and one every CEO needs to hear, is a resounding yes.

Machine Learning Deployment Options: in the Cloud vs. at the Edge

In this special guest feature, Neil Cohen, Vice President at Edge Intelligence, examines the question: where should businesses develop and execute machine learning? This article explores the pros and cons of in the cloud versus at the edge.

The Role of Analytics in Product Development

In this special guest feature, Monty G. Myers, founder and CEO of Eureka Software Solutions, Inc., believes that if metrics are the vehicle that drives product development, analytics is the gasoline that provides the power. Without analytics, the information generated by metrics is just a pile of data. Analytics is crucial to product management for one significant purpose: product improvement. Analytics plays five important roles in product management.