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Implications of Big Data Evolution on Marketing

In this special guest feature, Jordan Cardonick, Director of Media Analytics at Merkle, discusses the common pitfalls and missteps that companies fall into when trying to democratize data and insights for their company. It isn’t just about what data you have access to, but how do you ensure it is effectively communicated and embraced and not just how to use it to create a chart, graph or model.

Sentience: Reimagine What’s Next for Big Data in the era of AI

In this special guest feature, Oliver Ratzesberger, Chief Product Officer for Teradata, discusses his new book titled “The Sentient Enterprise” which highlights the future of business decision-making, analytics, AI and deep learning.

Pay Attention to Spatial Data, It Is the Next Frontier

In this special guest feature, Madhusudan Therani, CTO at Near, points out that with an almost endless list of sources – including map and satellite data, catchment areas, service points, building and customer locations, land use data, urban data, and communication pathways – spatial data is a valuable global commodity which comes in many forms. So why do businesses need to process spatial data and what are some of the challenges they face in doing so at scale?

Beyond Big Data: Why AI Requires Getting Small Data Right

In this special guest feature, Maciej Gryka, Head of Data Science at Rainforest, discusses why big data in the context of AI leads us to ask some serious questions about the future of big data. Data scientists often wonder whether we need big data as much as some think. In many cases the answer is “no” and instead of going big, what we really need to be doing is thinking smaller. Read on to learn why.

Sports, Taxes, Criminal Investigations and Elections: Practical Use Cases for Data Preparation?

In this special guest feature, Jon Pilkington, Chief Product Officer at Datawatch, discusses how self-service data preparation solutions are often work-life hacks, enabling users to easily derive business insights that impact a corporation’s bottom-line. But, the use cases for this technology are actually quite widespread. The article provides 4 unique ways data preparation technology assists in predicting outcomes and significantly improving everyday life.

Dedicated Precision Medicine Solution is Key to Value-Based Success

In this special guest feature, Terry Macaleer, President at Orion Health U.S., discusses how precision medicine is an emerging approach to identifying precisely those treatments that will work for a given patient, based upon terabytes of the patient’s—and countless other patients’—genomic and other “-omic” data. He also highlights how the winning precision medicine solution will be provided by an agnostic health IT vendor, not an EMR vendor who isn’t open to third-party solutions working in conjunction with their EMR offerings.

Seeing the Light on the Positive Impacts of AI/ML for Retailers

In this special guest feature, Tom Buiocchi, CEO of ServiceChannel, discusses how new technologies such as AI/ML and modern facilities management (FM) software can help retailers be on the “right” side of creative destruction, a process where new technologies disrupt old ways of doing things in favor of more speed, automation, intelligence, and efficiency.

Enabling Data-Driven Care Decisions with a 360-degree Patient View

In this special guest feature, Eric Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Innovation & Data Strategies at Inovalon, describes how data-driven platforms and patient-specific analytic insights drive meaningful impact in clinical and quality outcomes, utilization efficiency and financial performance for payers, providers, ACOs, pharma/life sciences, device manufacturers and patients.

Unstructured Data for the Software Driven World

In this special guest feature, Anthony Goonetilleke, Chief Technologist & Head of Product at Amdocs, observes how the world is built on unstructured data and the first service providers and enterprise vendors that can traverse through its lakes will get a seat at the table. It’s no longer about feature sets that work for today. Business models are changing fast and software is at the heart. Businesses must adopt an approach to their data that allows them to create a service foundation that can scale, expand, and support future decision making.

Bringing DevOps agility to the edge with APIs

In this special guest feature, Philipp Schöne, Product Manager, Platform as a Service and IoT at Axway, discusses the critical role DevOps play in enabling IoT for modern enterprises.