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The Evolution of Data Lakes

In this special guest feature, Glenn Graney, Director – Industrial & High Tech for QAD, suggests that manufacturers should be planning for all enterprise data sets to be part of the greater data lake. The transition to a data lake emphasizes flexible access to analysis tools and is less centered on data preparation. By definition, the data lake will be made up of a variety of data sources and the accessibility requirements and effort will only be defined at the time of the query.

AI Technology and the Critical Role People Will Play in Driving AI Forward

In this special guest feature, Mark Sears, Founder and CEO at CloudFactory, provides a few ways people are involved in making AI-powered systems work better, faster and more accurately. Advances in AI and other disruptive technologies don’t just happen. They take well-trained, tech-savvy people who can process massive amounts of data quickly and accurately to help companies get solutions to market, or scale a critical data process fast.

Increasing Analytic Project Success

In this special guest feature, Erik Ottem, Director of Product Marketing, Data Center Systems at Western Digital, discusses how to build a better data lake, equipped with elements such as scaling measures, object storage adapters and ultimately enough performance to handle large analytic workloads.

Data Science: Why Retail Will Reap the Biggest Rewards

In this special guest feature, Sarah Kampman, VP of Product at Square Root, discusses why retail is positioned to reap the biggest benefits of data analytics today. Sarah shares why machine learning and AI may be the secret weapon to solving for the the challenge of operating hundreds — even thousands — of disparate store locations, and how the approaches can be used to drive store performance, increase alignment and impact decision making at every level of a retail org.

How to Handle the ‘Big Data Dilemma’ In 2018

In this special guest feature, Larry Skowronek, VP Product Management at NICE, advises that defining your Big Data goals will help ensure that you have the right technology, tools and processes in place to manage that data.

Nine Ways that Managing an AI is Like Managing a Human, and Two Ways It’s Different

In this special guest feature, Colin Priest, Director of Product Marketing for DataRobot, provides a quick start guide for managers that shows how managing AIs compares and contrasts to the more familiar task of managing human staff – 9 ways that managing an AI can be similar to managing a human, and 2 ways it is different.

Machine Learning and Machine Reasoning for Data Analysis: The Differences You Need to Know

In this special guest feature, Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product Officer at Gemini Data, discusses the often misunderstand and important distinction between machine learning and machine reasoning — which is finding patterns versus understanding relationships. Each play a particular role in the analysis process and while different, are equally as important to deriving the most value out of the other.

Spotting Fake News With AI

In this special guest feature, Chris Nicholson, CEO of Skymind, discusses ways AI can identify fake news. Specifically, deep learning has the ability to identify fake news based on all sorts of tells. He also provides references to initiatives like the Fake News Challenge and Fakebox that show how AI can be applied with fairly high accuracy to identify fake news.

Deep Threat Analysis: Going Beyond the Obvious to Improve Border Security

In this special guest feature, John Kendall, Director of the Border and National Security Program for the global public sector practice at Unisys, discusses how border security experts around the world can improve their threat analysis with new AI and machine learning tools. A new approach, known as “deep threat analysis,” uses predictive analytics to examine the complex web of relationships and actions surrounding a traveler or shipment crossing a border.

Deep Learning at the Edge Drives New Models for Security

In this special guest feature, George Brostoff, Founder and CEO of SensibleVision, shows his excitement about AI’s potential to dramatically transform and improve the security space. When most people think of AI and security, they conjure how it might be applied to prevent hackers and malicious actors from penetrating Enterprise databases, stealing customer credit card numbers or social media profile information. But AI has the power to improve security much more broadly.