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Explanatory vs. Exploratory — Which Data Visualization Is Right for Your Organization?

In this special guest feature, Chad Reid, VP of marketing and communications at Jotform, argues that data visualization remains one of the best tools you can use to highlight relevant information for stakeholders, but to use it to its full potential, it is key to understand the difference between explanatory versus exploratory data analysis and know when to use each. He provides three strategies for better data visualization.

2022 Can Be Insurance’s Big Data Moment

In this special guest feature, Robert Clark, CEO of Cloverleaf Analytics, discusses trends and other factors driving what he believes to be a major year for big data analytics and BI in insurance in 2022. The article will outline a few major reasons why insurance can become a standard-bearer regarding innovative uses of big data and analytics.

The Secret Weapon Behind Quality AI: Effective Data Labeling

In this special guest feature, Carlos Melendez, COO, Wovenware, discusses best practices for “The Third Mile in AI Development” – the huge market subsector in data labeling companies, as they continue to come up with new ways to monetize this often-considered tedious aspect of AI development. The article addresses this trend and outlines how it is not really a commodity market, but can comprise different strategies for successful outcomes.

The Challenges of Pruning AI Models on the Edge

In this special guest feature, Nick Romano, CEO, Deeplite, discusses how struggling to fit advanced models in edge devices with limited resources forces deep learning teams to start “pruning” models – essentially trimming parts of it that are deemed not critical, but that also comes with a price: significantly reduced model accuracy. For the power of AI to be unleashed at the edge with full accuracy and the ability to run on devices with limited resources, there’s a need for AI optimization.

Teams and Clubs Measure Everything: How Can They Consolidate Their Data?

In this special guest feature, Raf Keustermans, CEO of Sportlight Technology, discusses how professional sports teams around the world measure everything — individual player performance, team performance, how much an athlete is training, player speed and endurance during a game, injuries sustained, goals scored, assists made, passes blocked and much more. Strong data collection is important, but what can be even more crucial is consolidating all of that information to make it usable.

Why Privacy Needs to be the Problem of Data Engineers

In this special guest feature, Stephen Bailey, Director of Data & Analytics, Immuta, believes that it’s the data engineers who should take on the responsibility of data privacy since they are the ones who have built the systems that collect the data.

5 Industries Benefiting from Embedded Analytics

In this special guest feature, Jason Beres, Reveal Developer and SVP Developer Tools, Infragistics, discusses the top 5 industries that are benefiting from embedded analytics and its impact on decision making.

Here’s Why Transportation Data Should Come Straight from the Source

In this special guest feature, Daniel Tibble, Director of Data Science and Analytics, Wejo ,discusses how the value of connected vehicle data has often been overlooked as some believe that mobile devices can provide the same information. The two are powerful separately, and – when the future of mobility is concerned – even more powerful when used together.

Now You’re Speaking (Understanding) My Language

In this special guest feature, Luca Scagliarini, Chief Product Officer at, discusses how addressing the challenges associated with language data is a daunting task, but it is one that will define your organization’s success moving forward. A hybrid approach is your first step in the right direction.

From Mystery to Mastery: How to Get the Most from Artificial Intelligence

In this special guest feature, Lloyd Humphreys, Principal Product Manager for Data & Analytics, Tradeshift, suggests that you change your mindset, forget about relinquishing complete control, and you’ll soon discover that AI can give you a competitive advantage in areas of your business you barely gave a moment’s thought to before, like the sometimes unglamorous world of invoice processing.