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Digital Dark Data: What the Construction Industry Should be Looking for 

In this special guest feature, Richard Harpham, Vice President of Slate Technologies, outlines the digital “dark data” construction and real estate companies need to know about and how AI can help reveal them. By using these tools in precise ways, they can help eliminate construction waste and save sites millions of dollars in the long term.

How is IoT Changing the Future of Cruising?

In this special guest feature, Ian Richardson, CEO & Co-Founder, theICEway, discusses how as the world continues to open for travel, cruise industry leaders are looking to leverage the next wave of travel technology to improve the passenger experience.

Making a Case for the First Open Source Platform for Synthetic Data

In this special guest feature, Yashar Behzadi, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Synthesis AI, discusses on the importance of a community like OpenSynthetics in developing more capable AI models.
OpenSynthetics, an open community for creating and using synthetic data in AI/ML and computer vision, is open to practitioners, researchers, academics, and the wider industry.

How to Overcome Patient Obstacles with Conversational Intelligence

In this special guest feature, Amy Brown, Founder and CEO of Authenticx, discusses speech analytics in healthcare. Organizations must listen and learn from patients’ voices to gather insights, customize their approach and facilitate change and growth.

Artificial Intelligence & Data Analytics in the Last Mile Logistics

In this special guest feature, Anar Mammadov, Founder of Senpex, highlights how delivery logistics companies have powerful artificial intelligence, data analysis tools at their disposal, and part of the innovation in this field has been ensuring that clients can access this data. An analytic dashboard allows clients to understand what is happening with their delivery orders and ensure that their precious business is in the right hands.

Don’t Call It A “Data Product” Unless It Meets These 5 Requirements

In this special guest feature, Barr Moses, Co-founder and CEO of Monte Carlo, believes data products can transform an organization’s ability to be data-driven as long as they meet 5 key requirements. Data products can transform an organization’s ability to be data-driven, as long as they are implemented correctly and in good faith.

Bad Data Costs U.S. Companies Trillions – How Data-Quality Audits Can Help

In this special guest feature, Timur Yarnall, CEO of Neutronian, believes the costs of faulty data are many: inaccurate insights, wasteful investments, lost productivity, ineffective marketing campaigns. Bad data hits businesses with a double whammy, affecting both the bottom line by narrowing margins and the top line by lowering sales. A data quality audit will in turn lead to reduced costs, less wasted effort, and — most important — better business results.

Solving Unstructured Data: NLP and Language Models as Part of the Enterprise AI Strategy 

In this special guest feature, Prabhod Sunkara, Co-founder and COO of nRoad, Inc., discusses how enterprises are increasingly relying on unstructured data for analytic, regulatory, and corporate decision-making purposes. As unstructured data becomes more valuable to the enterprise, technology and data teams are racing towards upgrading their infrastructure to meet the growing cloud-based services and the sheer explosion of data internally and externally.

The Value of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Data Platforms

In this special guest feature, Aditya Bhamidipaty, Founder & CEO, FirstHive, discusses how businesses today face an expanding gap between the value their customers’ data can potentially provide and the true value their CDPs can create. AI systems can help close this gap by enhancing the productivity of human workers, so long as those workers are trained how to use those systems effectively.

Historical Data is a Thing of the Past. It’s Prime-time for Real-time Data.

In this special guest feature, Dan O’Connell, Chief Strategy Officer and a board member at Dialpad, takes a look at what will happen to organizations as they roll out real-time data capabilities this year– they’ll discover new ways to scale faster, fresh ideas to improve operations, and novel ways to reduce friction.