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Three Keys to Choosing a Data Center in the Age of AI

In this special guest feature, Steve Conner, Vice President of Solutions Engineering at Vantage Data Centers, discusses how AI is currently rewriting the rules of future computing. As AI becomes increasingly advanced, data centers must be able to adapt and scale to fit the needs of its clients.

Is Big Data the Scapegoat for Consumers and Businesses Alike?

In this special guest feature, Greg Sparrow, Senior Vice President and General Manger at CompliancePoint, highlights several of his opinions on the role Big Data has evolved into, why it feels like Big Data is now the culprit, and the responsible way companies can use Big Data given all the changing regulations amidst talk of a National Privacy Law.

Use of Natural Language Processing and AI Driving Big Data Innovation to New Levels

To really drive innovation to a whole new level we’re seeing a rise in the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make finding and using quality data that much easier. Leading industry analyst firms have noted that Machine Learning, AI and NLP are quickly becoming table stakes for analytics. Unifi Software’s Sean Keenan explores how tools like these are changing the landscape of big data and driving innovation forward.

How Small Data Helps Understand Individuals in Real Time

In this special guest feature, Jeff McDowell, COO of Primal, discusses the importance of small data and big data analysis when providing timely and accurate AI recommendations based on interest compared to the stale irrelevant recommendations most online channels provide today.

How Deep Learning Can Solve Retargeting and Reacquisition

In this special guest feature, Jeremy Fain, Co-founder and CEO of Cognitiv, discusses how with deep learning, marketers now have the ability to parse the browsing patterns of those who ended up purchasing items, and those who browsed but did not buy anything, and determine what the most likely paths to purchase are.

Searching for Answers, Not Just Information

In this special guest feature, Daniel Fallmann, CEO of Mindbreeze, discusses how businesses are still wasting valuable resources because their employees’ workflow is repeatedly interrupted while they search for the information they need − corporate data that is spread out across different parts of the company. This is exactly where intelligent tools such as insight engines come in, offering an effective solution to optimize internal knowledge management.

How Artificial Intelligence Enhances the Home Buying Experience

In this special guest feature, Roy Dekel, CEO and Co-Founder of SetSchedule, discusses how AI is transforming the residential real estate industry by enhancing the home buying experience. This new technology can help make the human connections that make the home buying process less painful and more fulfilling.

End User Data Preparation is More Than Data Wrangling

In this special guest feature, Pete Aven, Director of Sales Engineering for FactGem, offers a discussion that strives to open the eyes of enterprise decision makers to the opportunities for end user data prep in a context beyond simplified data wrangling.

Five Ways You’re Already Using Machine Learning: A Day with AI

In this special guest feature, Mark Scott, CMO at Apixio, highlights the prevalence of machine learning in everyday life and offers five ways you’re (probably) already using machine learning all without you realizing or thinking about it.

A How-To Guide for Digital Transformation Laggards (Yes, You)

In this special guest feature, Vimal Vel, Vice President and Global Head of Master Data Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet, offers six key steps that will jumpstart your digital transformation process, starting with a key individual and ending with full self-assessment. If you don’t start somewhere, you’re destined to leave behind a company full of broken connections, siloed systems and missed opportunities. It’s time to choose structured success and true digital transformation instead.