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Narrow AI Helps Call Centers Cope During COVID-19

In this special guest feature, Michael Coney, Senior Vice President & General Manager at Medallia, highlights how contact centers are turning to narrow AI, an AI system that is specified to handle a singular task, such as to process hundreds of hours of audio in real time and create a log of each customer interaction. Thousands of hours of calls can be processed and logged in a matter of a few hours.

Why Defense Needs to Tap into Big Data

In this special guest feature, Jim Tootell, Chief Software Architect at PMAT, discusses the importance for the defense industry to tap into big data technology. Since Big Data, AI, and ML are already impacting the Defense industry’s future, the potential for delivering true “All Source” intelligence in a timely manner is within grasp. This transition means the future of Defense is finally starting to catch up to the rest of today’s data-driven world.

AI and Ethics: The Path Forward

In this special guest feature, Dr. John Bates, CEO of Eggplant, believes that technology can’t be left to the whims of the free markets to determine what works. With regulation, we can build a world where we trust the machines, the data, and the results and we can help avoid a dystopian future. Implementing a bill of rights will ensure AI delivers a positive impact on society now and for decades to come.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence in a Post-COVID-19 World

In this special guest feature, Betsy Hilliard, Principal Scientist at Valkyrie, offers three emerging trends showing how AI will play a major role in a post-COVID world and shape the business landscape moving forward. Valkyrie is a science-driven consulting firm that aims to solve organizational and global challenges through AI and machine learning.

How NLP Customer Support Chatbots Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

In this special guest feature, Abhinav Girdhar, CEO of Appy Pie, believes that whatever your stand on AI chatbots for business may be, two things are certain – Chatbots will become an industry standard and NLP will continue to evolve. It is honestly not a bad idea to begin early in the jump into AI based customer support. Who knows? You might even end up having the best support AI in your own industry!

When Data Science Meets Technical SEO

In this special guest feature, Vincent Terrasi, Product Director at OnCrawl, discusses what happens when data science and machine learning meets SEO. When it comes to applying machine learning to SEO, particularly with regard to how to save time on a daily basis and how to show the value of SEO to the C-Suite in your organization, three advantages will be covered.

DataOps: The Answer to Paying Down Organizational Data Debt

In this special guest feature, Petr Travkin, Solution Architect in the data and analytics practice at EPAM Systems, introduces the concept of Data Debt which can be measured as the cost associated with mismanaging data and the amount of money required to fix the data problem. EPAM Systems is a leading global product development, digital platform engineering, and top digital and product design agency.

Procurement Turns to AI to Navigate Supply Chain Upheaval

In this special guest feature, Ophelia Otto, scoutbee Industry Relations Lead, discusses AI technology can bring a business operation like procurement from the stone age to the modern age by allowing teams to rely on automation rather than placing all bets on little black books and outdated spreadsheets.

Myth or Reality? The Truth Behind the Evolution of Apache Ranger

In this special guest feature, Balaji Ganesan, CEO and co-founder of both Privacera, the cloud data governance and security leader, and XA Secure, acquired by Hortonworks, discusses the truth behind the evolution of Apache Ranger, and also explores common misconceptions and lessons learned from almost a decade of community experience with Apache Ranger in production environments.

Data Accuracy and Measurement Validity Hold the Key to the Future of Oil and Gas

In this special guest feature, Steve Cooper, Vice President of Data Management Solutions at Quorum Software, discusses the importance of data accuracy and measurement validity as these professionals are confronted with integrating the oilfield to the back office. Over the past several years, data volume in the oil and gas industry has grown exponentially through the advancement of information technology, but the next wave of innovation in the space will require streamlining data collection, storage and measurement across multiple sources in order for these companies to stay efficient and spend and save resources where they can.