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The Integral Role AI Plays in Intelligent Automation

In this special guest feature, Tony Higgins, CTO at Blueprint Software Systems, discusses the integral role AI plays in intelligent automation and the level of growth intelligent automation (which combines AI and RPA) is likely to see in 2021. Increasingly, AI and machine learning will be implemented to augment RPA-enabled digital workers, enabling employees to focus on more meaningful, high-value work.

Three Steps to Data Protection – And How They Differ for Structured vs Unstructured Data

In this special guest feature, Scott Lucas, Head of Marketing at Concentric, suggests that compliance is a complex topic, and in this article he addresses the surface of what you’ll need for your particular data and regulatory environment. Having a clear understanding of how to discover, assess and protect structured and unstructured data, and their differences, gives you the foundation you need for an effective and manageable program to protect the PII you manage.

Consumption-derived Data Governance is Difficult to Flank

In this special guest feature, Doug Wick, Vice President of Product at ALTR, believes that data consumption governance, implemented at the query level to observe and control consumption of sensitive data, could help organizations to take full advantage of the cloud while reducing the associated risks.

How HR Specialists Can Use AI to Support their Remote Workforce During Lockdowns

In this special guest feature, Ricardo Michel Reyes, CTO and co-founder at Erudit A.I., believes that with work-from-home presenting unprecedented difficulties for the HR profession, AI can help lift the burden in a number of ways. Using AI can give HR specialists a crucial tool in supporting their remote workforce – one that is often preferred by employees.

How Big Data Helps Us Understand Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

In this special guest feature, Dr. James Stanger, CompTIA Chief Technology Evangelist, highlights how big data is a concept that can provide insight into DDoS attacks and equip companies with the tools they need to effectively combat this threat. Another important tool for mitigating DDoS attacks is the use of multiple, redundant systems and cloud-based data scrubbing platforms that can filter out DDoS traffic. However, hackers have businesses beat when it comes to the early implementation of big data methodologies.

Is there a More Environmentally Friendly Way to Train Artificial Intelligence?

In this special guest feature, Omri Geller, Co-founder and CEO at Run:AI, takes a timely and interesting look at one of the most pressing issues facing the computing industry by an accomplished data scientist. The issue relates to how machine learning is developed. In order for machine learning (and deep learning) to be able to accurately make decisions and predictions, it needs to be “trained.”

What’s So Great about AIOps

In this special guest feature, Gerry Miller, CEO at Cloudticity, takes a look at the emerging technology dubbed “AIOps.” AIOps, according to Gartner, “combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection, and causality determination.” The basic operating model for AIOps is Observe-Engage-Act.

How to Maintain Data Hygiene Across Cloud and On-premise Systems

In this special guest feature, Javeria Gauhar, Marketing Executive at Data Ladder, looks at some of the challenges encountered while cleaning data in a hybrid environment, and how to maintain data hygiene across cloud and on-premise systems. Without a data hygiene strategy and solution that is adaptable cross-environment, it is almost impossible to utilize data for value creation in a manner that is readily available to all stakeholders of a business.

Professionalize AI to Maximize Investment

In this special guest feature, Fernando Lucini, global lead, data science and machine learning engineering, Accenture Applied Intelligence, reviews the four steps organizations can use to professionalize AI. If AI is formalized within an organization as a trade, including proper training and standards, it can be strategically scaled to ensure it’s maximizing the best results for an organization and, in turn, providing the best return on investment.

How to Choose the Best MLOps Platform For your Organization

In this special guest feature, Manasi Vartak, Founder and CEO of Verta, takes a look at the MLOps space and highlights the options available in the market. She also came up with a list of essential criteria for an MLOps platform to be evaluated.