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“Alexa, Call the Statistician!”

In this special guest feature, Julia Brickell, Executive Managing Director and General Counsel at, H5, believes that the legal profession is on a collision course with artificial intelligence, given AI’s massive potential to disrupt how the law is practiced, and its extraordinary growth. AI’s ability to transform electronic discovery, draw up contracts, analyze judicial bias, and predict legal outcomes has many in the profession calling for the development of standards around how AI is used.

How Big Data Is Transforming the Legal Industry

In this special guest feature, Jennifer Roberts, Data Scientist at Intapp, observes how many industries have, by and large, figured big data out. Retail, manufacturing and financial services are just a few of them. Legal will figure it out, too. That day is coming, but not fast enough for most firms and their clients.

The Power of Data Is Stuck In Silos

In this special guest feature, Geoff Tudor, VP and GM of Cloud Services at Panzura, discusses how data is rapidly spreading across the enterprise, and data islands are forming and living in silos among separate infrastructures and sites. This has caused a major roadblock to business leaders who want to quickly find and mobilize their data, and are left emptying their pockets and drowning in funds to find a solution.

3 Ways AI Will Drive the Future of Travel

In this special guest feature, Levi Brackman, Principal Data Scientist at Travelport, talks about the impact of artificial intelligence on consumer shopping behaviors, and provides three ways AI will eventually drive the travel booking experience: first, recognize consumers’ dependence on their own AI within their devices; second, increasing data will lead to compounding intelligence; third, powerful AI capabilities are required to compete in reaching the AI-dependent consumer.

Why Your AI Workflow Needs Software-based Secondary Storage

In this special guest feature, Geoff Bourgeois, Co-founder and CEO of HubStor, discusses how one of the chief obstacles to executing AI is managing massive volumes of unstructured data. The trick is keeping this data intact to your AI/ML infrastructure without adding silos and layers of complexity. Secondary, scale-out, and cloud storage components are essential to large-scale AI projects, but they shouldn’t be independent silos that make it challenging to tier and recall data sets as needed.

Data Visualization: Blending Art and Science to Tell Data Stories

In this special guest feature, Caitlin Willich, Associate Partner, Technology, Media and Entertainment at Clarity Insights, discusses how data visualization will continue to increase in importance as the amount of data the enterprise deals with grows. We need to develop teams capable of translating that data into stories our executives can understand and execute on.

The Data Scientist Shortage is Huge. Here’s How to Beat It.

In this special guest feature, Roberto Reif, Executive Director, Professional Development at Metis, discusses how the worldwide deficit of data scientists is real, but now that you’ve started thinking about your strategy and how you’ll resource the best people to help you execute it, it won’t seem so intimidating. Keep your eyes on the prize — people who can solve your specific problems — and you’ll be able to win the fight against the data scientist shortage.

Overwhelmed by Data? Here’s How to Get Control of It

In this special guest feature, Amnon Drori, Co-founder and CEO of Octopai, discusses how companies can gain visibility and control over their data lineage by leveraging metadata and how this will make GDPR compliance a manageable task instead of an impossible pursuit.

Myths of Big Data, Analytics & AI

In this special guest feature, Nikhil Bhatia, Director of Product Management at Riversand Technologies, addresses some of the common myths and misconceptions around the areas of Big Data, Analytics & AI and presents a pragmatic approach and some best practices to apply these technologies in today’s competitive world.

Big Data Performance Problems Are A Profit Drain For Retailers. What Can Done About It?

In this special guest feature, Jim D’Arrezo , CEO of Condusiv, discusses how the massive adoption of “big data” and “fast data” as essential parts of retail operations has revolutionized the industry, but has also jacked up IT spending, putting stress on retailers already-thin margins.