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Monte Carlo Method and Price Testing: Old Solution for Modern Problems

In this special guest feature, Vladimir Kuchkanov, Pricing Solution Architect at Competera, examines how data scientists often forget about classics while good old algorithms are still relevant and efficient. In particular, Monte Carlo method (MCM) pops up in mind. Among many fields of its application, MCM has established itself as a solid solution in price prediction and automation of pricing rules in retail. Like any analytical approach, MCM has limitations and inaccuracies. Despite this, many fields, including retail, still utilize it.

The Top Five Data Analytics Gripes, and How We Could Fix Them

In this special guest feature, Geoff Tudor, VP and GM of, offers five key business issues enterprises are facing, and then how we can resolve them. Older technology is not driving but draining the enterprise, failing to deliver on the initial promise of analytics. However, if the layers are stripped away, new technology is emerging that simplifies data analytics, reducing the cost and delivering in an instant the answers businesses need to be successful. So why not make it easy to consume data analytics using the SaaS model?

Why Technology Should Take a Backseat for Data Projects to Succeed

In this special guest feature, Andrew Stevenson, CTO and Co-founder at, believes that without tooling, governance and visibility around open source technologies, applying them successfully at an enterprise level is very hard. Organizations need to be able to access the latest platforms, tools and training, so that they don’t have to re-create technology that already has been commoditized. In a data driven world we can take this a step further and enable companies to focus on data to provide secure, governed access, visibility with the auditing and compliance modern platforms need.

How AI Is Changing the Game for IT Services Sourcing and More

In this special guest feature, Martin Henley, SVP – Technology Services Sector at Globality, discusses how AI/ML can aid in business continuity across the supply chain. IT service procurement is increasingly becoming a strategic fulcrum of corporate innovation, with AI and machine learning enabling that reality. These and other exciting technologies are positioning IT to assume a unique, high-value role, reinventing what’s often been regarded as an archaic yet necessary function.

From Data to Metadata for Machine Learning Platforms

In this special guest feature, Jörg Schad, Head of Machine Learning at ArangoDB, discusses the need for Machine Learning Metadata, solutions for storing and analyzing Metadata as well as the benefits for the different stakeholders. We all know good training data is crucial for data scientists to build quality machine learning models. But when productionizing Machine Learning, Metadata from the Machine Learning Platform is equally important providing for example:
provenance of model allowing for reproducible builds and audit trails;
context to comply with GDPR, CCPA requirements; and identifying data shift in your production data.

Give the People What They Want: The Rise of the Data Marketplace

In this special guest feature, Susan Cook, CEO of Zaloni, discusses her definition of “data marketplaces,” a slightly different concept to the large industry-wide data exchanges and marketplaces in financial services, pharma and healthcare. These data marketplaces have grown up within enterprises (even though the data itself could be internally or externally sourced) to service all their various consumers of data. This marketplace concept is the latest manifestation of the Amazonification of the enterprise and the latest practical evolution in turning disorganized data sprawl into targeted data shopping.

NAS Migrations: Five Key Steps to a Fast and Secure Data Transfer

In this special guest feature, Wendy Meyers, Director of Global Operations at Datadobi, believes that with proper planning and a professional migration software, most of the important issues can be avoided during an NAS migration project. After handling hundreds of complex NAS migrations for over the last decade, the company has identified five key steps that, when taken, can help produce a fast and accurate NAS migration.

Want a Functioning AI Model? Beware of Biased Data

In this special guest feature, Sinan Ozdemir, Director of Data Science at Directly, points out how algorithmic bias has been one of the most talked-about issues in AI for years, yet it remains one of the most persistent challenges in the field. Despite years of research into bias detection and mitigation strategies, it’s still easy for even the most sophisticated organizations to get into trouble for biased outcomes in their AI applications.

How AI is Changing Unified Communications

In this special guest feature, Sam O’Brien from RingCentral, outlines how AI-driven tools and advancements are changing the face of UC for businesses. And while it’s still early days in the amalgamation of AI and UC, the article points out four principal areas are where AI is already having an impact.

How to Prevent Data Black Holes from Swallowing your Organization Whole

In this special guest feature, Tolga Tarhan, Chief Technology Officer at Onica, points out that as data accumulates in an environment, applications and services that rely on that data will naturally be pulled into the same environment, creating a data black hole. As companies continue to accumulate data, they are sitting on ineffectively used data — creating problems with user experience, speed, and digital transformation. And eventually, they are being pulled into data black holes in which the larger a data mass is, the harder it is to move.