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Five Reasons Why Your Data Science Project Could Fail – And What You Can Do to Avoid It

In this special guest feature, Afrozy Ara, Head of Data Science practice at Incedo, suggests that given the difficulty in running a successful data science project, there are some specific reasons why these kinds of projects fail.

Why Hospitals Need Big Data to Improve Patient Experience

In this special guest feature, Senem Guney, PhD, CPXP, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at NarrativeDx, discusses why hospitals need big data to improve patient experience. Hospital administrators seeking to provide excellent patient experiences need to understand responding to patients as a big data problem and arm themselves with the necessary technology solutions.

High Performance Computing: Answering the Big Data Dilemma

In this special guest feature, Jeff Reser, Global Product Marketing Manager of SUSE, suggests that as HPC’s prowess in business expands, so does its ability to solve a variety of data management problems. Individuals struggling to tackle Big Data’s most complex challenges should increasingly look at HPC to deliver the power and sophistication required to manage large volumes and varieties of data.

The Importance of Machine Learning and of Building Data Sets

In this special guest feature, Chris Haddock, a software product manager with ADEC Innovations, discusses how the foundation of a machine learning project for companies large and small is training data that will be used to teach the machine to recognize patterns. The quality of the training depends on the quality of the data input.

The Technology Behind Today’s Hyper-Personalized Customer Experience

In this special guest feature, Shubhra Sinha, VP of Portfolio Marketing at DataStax, dive into today’s personalized customer experience, analyzing which strategies and components are required to achieve real-time personalization.

Getting Your Head Out of the Public Cloud with Composable Infrastructure

In this special guest feature, Tom Lyon, Chief Scientist and Cofounder at DriveScale, discusses how public clouds are optimized to support traditional workloads, but are not well suited for many new data intensive applications. These demand the cost and performance advantages of bare metal infrastructure. But bare metal infrastructure is difficult to manage and often poorly utilized. A new computing platform architecture – Software Composable Infrastructure – has been created to solve these problems.

7 Surprising Facts about AI and Big Data in Cybersecurity

In this special guest feature, Kumar Saurabh, CEO and co-founder of Logichub, observes how the correlation between data volumes and IT security seems straightforward, but in reality it’s complex and at times paradoxical. He provides 7 surprising facts about big data and artificial intelligence (AI) as they are used in cybersecurity.

Advanced Analytics in Three Steps – How to Put Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to Work for You

In this special guest feature, Will Fellers, Product Manager at Quantum Spatial Inc., explores different types of analytics – descriptive, predictive and prescriptive – and discusses how companies can leverage these tools to drive improvements to their processes and bottom line. To highlight the benefits of these three types of analytics, he will use examples from the utility industry, which relies on these methods for vegetation management.

3 Ways In Which Predictive Analytics is Optimizing Data Leveraging for Service Companies

In this special guest feature, Shahar Chen is the CEO & Co-founder of Aquant, discusses how predictive analytics will reshape service companies in every industry. There are several technical aspects involved in predictive analytics, including data mining, modeling, artificial intelligence and machine learning. For service companies, it could mean huge savings and a reshaping of the industry.

Advanced Technologies for Repricing on Amazon

In this special guest feature, Eyal Lanxner, CTO and Co-Founder at Feedvisor, discusses the motivations behind algorithmic repricers based on AI and machine learning to find the optimal strategy for securing Amazon’s Buy Box, which is an essential means for increasing exposure and sales in this marketplace.