Compromising on your Data Stack? Solving Top Analytics Challenges

Organizations face more pressure than ever to be data-driven, but as economic challenges loom they are forced to do more with less with their IT budgets, making compromises with their analytics databases that end up hindering their data-driven initiatives. In this article, Exasol’s North American Business Lead, John Knieriemen, shares some best practices for how organizations can address these analytics challenges.

How Data Silos Hinder Big Data Analytics and How to Overcome Them

In this contributed article, IT Professional Subhadip Kumar draws attention to the significant roadblock that data silos present in the realm of Big Data initiatives. In today’s data-driven landscape, the seamless flow and integration of information are paramount for deriving meaningful insights. Unfortunately, data silos pose a formidable challenge to the success of Big Data endeavors.

Finding a Purple Swan with Predictive Analytics

In this contributed article, Vijay Veerra, Principal Consultant of Business Solutions and Research with Altimetrik, discusses the power of predictive analytics in identifying “purple swans” and their potential impact on businesses. Purple swan refers to a rare yet foreseeable event that offers unparalleled rewards. This article explores how companies can use predictive analytics to spot these events on the horizon, set their course accordingly, and sail toward a promising future.

Starting Your Advanced Analytics Journey: Three Areas to Focus On

In this contributed article, Amish Amin, executive director, security and analytics, Comcast, discusses the importance of advanced analytics when it comes to cutting through the massive amounts of data within a single organization. In large organizations today, the amount of data that needs to be sifted through continues to grow in volume. In fact, the global datasphere is expected to
more than double between 2022 and 2025. Not only is there an incredible amount of information, but there aren’t enough people to properly analyze it all. In his piece, Amish explains that by applying advanced analytics, organizations can drive valuable insights, cut through the noise and, ultimately, increase efficiency. He also outlines three areas to consider when it comes to an advanced analytics initiative and four best practices.

Understanding the Power of Feedback Analytics 

In this contributed article, Ryan Stuart is the co-founder and CEO of Kapiche, discusses feedback analytics and how it is a means to unlock deeper customer insights, with five concrete examples of how to use feedback analytics to drive innovation and growth.

Flatfile Acquires AI Start-up Chatcsv Inc., Further Expanding Leadership in AI-assisted Data Exchange

Flatfile, a pioneer of AI-assisted data exchange, announced the acquisition of AI start-up Chatcsv Inc. With breakout growth in just a few months since its release, ChatCSV already has thousands of users. From global enterprises such as Procter & Gamble and McKinsey to technology companies such as Zapier, Quora and Vimeo, companies rely on ChatCSV for quick, contextual insight into CSV files and spreadsheets.

Improving Product Quality with AI-based Video Analytics: HPE, NVIDIA and Relimetrics Automate Quality Control in European Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturers are using the power of AI and video analytics to enable better quality control and traceability of quality issues, bringing them one step closer to achieving zero defects and reducing the downstream impacts of poor product quality. Together, HPE, NVIDIA and Relimetrics enable customers to adapt to high production variability and velocity with faster, more accurate, automated inspection processes.

4 Methods to Increase Your Profits this Year with Analytics and AI

It’s not too late to make an immediate impact on 2023 by driving revenue and optimizing your ad spend using your current MarTech stack. Unlock the massive potential of ecommerce and digital marketing in 2023. Increased online spending by millennials, and the pandemic’s positive effect on digital marketplace acceptance, present opportunities you can capitalize on. […]

ChatGPT for Market Research: Transforming Consumer Insights

Discover how ChatGPT, a potent tool for market research, revolutionizes the understanding of target audiences. This blog explores the capabilities of ChatGPT in analyzing unstructured data, capturing consumer behavior and preferences, and enabling real-time interactions. While it offers scalability, cost-effectiveness, and rapid decision-making, its limitations include the lack of emotional intelligence and potential for providing […]

How Synthetic Data can be Created and Utilized for a Wide Range of Use Cases in Healthcare

In this contributed article, Jonah Leshin, Head of Privacy Research at Datavant, discusses how we have seen a rapid increase in the digitization and standardization of health data. With this groundwork laid, more recently, there have been concerted efforts to connect siloed health data sources in support of more impactful use cases. Synthetic data serves as a powerful complementary tool for the analyses that these use cases require, bringing us closer to maximizing data utility within the healthcare ecosystem.