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With Sustainability Analytics, Big Data Can Save the World

In this contributed article, Cashion “Cash” East, Director of Analytics for Higg, discusses how sustainability analytics requires a lot of data from many different sources. Some of that data already exists and is standardized, while other data is coming from new sources with no established standards. In order for companies to collect and organize ESG data in a meaningful and efficient way, the article recommends that companies start doing five things as they begin building out their sustainability insights platform.

Cinchy Study Details How Dataware Eliminates Data Integration and Revolutionizes Application Development and Analytics

Cinchy, the dataware vendor that’s changing the way organizations work with data, released “The Rise of Dataware: An Integration-Minimizing Approach to Data,” a comprehensive analyst report that highlights a fundamental shift taking place in the data management sector. It focuses on a distinctive architectural approach that redefines the relationship between data and applications, and essentially eliminates the need for data integration as we know it.

Tomorrow’s Tech: What Does the Future of Analytics Look Like?  

In this contributed article, Nitin Aggarwal, Vice President of Analytics and Data Science for The Smart Cube, suggests that when it comes to analytics tech, it’s all about speed to insight. People are trying to make sure data is available in almost real-time across the business, which takes a lot of processing power and investment in infrastructure. Then once that data is ingested, people want to make it faster.

Data Fusion and Analytics for Chief Investigators: Survey Report, August 2022

Our friends over at Cognyte have a second survey on data fusion and analytics – this time for chief investigators. In their last survey, the 2022 IT leaders in the Data Fusion/Analytics Domain, the company spoke to CIOs and IT executives about their challenges and investment priorities for data fusion.

Using Advanced Analytics to Address Patient Risk and Deliver Value-based Care

In this contributed article, Michael Dulin, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer, Gray Matter Analytics, suggests that to improve health outcomes and lower cost, the U.S. healthcare system must abandon fee for service models and provide comprehensive, proactive value-based care (VBC). High-quality data and advanced analytics that produce actionable insights into patients’ medical and social needs are an essential building block for this transition. 

The Biggest Challenges When Adopting Data and AI Technologies

In this contributed article, David Sweenor, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Alteryx, explains what it takes to create a data-driven culture in the office. Taking small, incremental steps to developing a data-centric work culture is the way to go in the adoption of data science, ML, AI, and other technologies. It requires significant planning, reviewing, and customized development, but will ensure a dominant edge to any organization that does it right. 

Survey on Data Fusion & Analytics for Investigation

To get greater insight into the technological challenges of fusing data for investigation purposes, and to learn from the CIO’s perspective what their wants and needs are in the market – our friends over at Cognyte went straight to the source. By speaking to 200 CIOs, CTOs, IT Directors, Directors of Technology and Heads of Artificial Intelligence, this new report Survey on Data Fusion & Analytics for Investigation takes the pulse of the industry in vital areas from investment priorities to cloud adoption, painting a clear picture of the state of data fusion for investigation purposes today.

Next-Generation of Tableau Brings Advanced Analytics and Automated Insights to Business Users

oday, at the annual Tableau Conference, Salesforce introduced Tableau Cloud, the fast and easy way for customers to get the full value of Tableau at enterprise scale. The offering is the next generation of what was formerly known as Tableau Online and includes several new innovations to deliver intelligent, powerful and easy-to-use analytical tools to help anyone uncover insights, confidently make data-driven decisions, and create a single source of truth for all trusted data, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Synthetic Behavioral Data for Analytics

In this compelling white paper, “Synthetic Behavioral Data for Analytics,” MOSTLY AI makes the case for Synthetic Behavioral Data. MOSTLY AI is the leading synthetic data company globally. Its platform enables enterprises across industries to unlock, share, fix and simulate data.

AI-Augmented Analytics is Transforming Business Intelligence and Simplifying Data Complexity

In this contributed article, Ajay Khanna, CEO & Founder of Tellius, highlights that when it comes to business intelligence and data analytics, AI is a driving a new wave of innovation called augmented analytics that makes it easier for individuals of all technical skill levels to analyze volumes of data to accelerate more valuable business insights. AI and machine learning are transforming industries and improving how we use technology at an amazing pace, whether it’s accelerating drug discovery and therapeutics, allowing us to speak to our home appliances, or using facial recognition on our handheld devices.