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UMass Amherst Computer Scientists Develop New Techniques to Measure Social Bias in Software

Today, banks are increasingly using software to decide who will get a loan, courts to judge who should be denied bail, and hospitals to choose treatments for patients. These uses of software make it critical that the software does not discriminate against groups or individuals, say computer science researchers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. […]

Big Data in the Field of Entertainment

In this contributed article, Ritesh Mehta, Senior Technical Account Manager for TatvaSoft Australia, discusses the impact big data is having on the entertainment industry. Big Data as an integral technology is in a position to be a boon to the entertainment field. It could enhance the profitability of the movies, always a high risk business. The green-lighting of a story, to the selection of cast to the timing of release could be determined.

SnapLogic Enhances Cloud Integration Platform To Reduce Time and Cost of Digital Initiatives

SnapLogic, a leader in self-service application and data integration, announced delivery of its Summer 2017 (4.10) release of the SnapLogic Enterprise Integration Cloud. The release includes a series of platform enhancements to help customers automate, manage, and monitor their integration processes.

Text Analytics – Unstructured Data Analysis

Presented by noted data scientist Derek Kane, this video provides an introduction to text analytics for advanced business users and IT professionals with limited programming expertise. The topics covered include search engine building, categorization (supervised and unsupervised), clustering, NLP, and social media analysis.

Shazam Increases Sales Productivity With Salesforce Einstein Analytics

Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), a global leader in CRM, announced that Shazam—one of the world’s most popular apps—has successfully deployed Salesforce Einstein Analytics, dramatically increasing productivity for the company’s executives and sales leadership. The Shazam app has been downloaded more than 1 billion times and used more than 20 million times each day, across 190 countries. With Einstein Analytics, Shazam has improved the quality of data from its massive user base, targeted more granular customer segments and reduced requests for reports from its core analytics team.

Microservices and Your Data: What You Need To Know

In this special guest feature, Christian Posta, Chief Architect, Cloud Application Development at Red Hat, argues that data is one of the hardest parts of microservices. If a core tenet of microservices is that each service should have its own database, how does the system reconcile changes across these databases while maintaining independence and autonomy? The answer, according to Christian, is to adopt a domain-driven design approach. By modelling the data within a set domain and context, microservices can shed these dependencies while still maintaining data consistency throughout the system.

5-Minute Guide to Text Analytics

The “5-Minute Guide to Text Analytics” prepared by Attivio to learn how cognitive solutions surface the untapped business value typically hidden in unstructured content. By automatically identifying key concepts, extracting entities, and analyzing sentiment – with multi-language support – text analytics adds structure to the unstructured so it can be added to a knowledge graph, along with the structured data.

Kyvos 4.0 Establishes Breakthrough Levels of Scale and Performance

Kyvos Insights, a big data analytics company, announced the immediate availability of Kyvos 4.0, a new, groundbreaking version of the massively scalable, self-service analytics solution, that establishes new enterprise-grade functionality and industry benchmarks for creating data cubes with near limitless scalability and performance.

Top 4 Big Data Skills for Engineers

In this contributed article, Manisha Sule, Director of Big Data Analytics at Linux Academy, discusses why big data is growing and important, identifies the top big data skill sets to have, and explains why they are important.

For a Successful Data-driven Transformation, Follow These Three Steps

In this special guest feature, Lars Fæste and Antoine Gourévitch of The Boston Consulting Group, discuss how data is becoming an increasingly powerful tool for business leaders in many industries who want a competitive edge, and how many companies struggle to collect and profit from data in new ways. He then outlines a three-step approach to data transformation that is easier, cheaper and more successful than attempts at sweeping, large-scale change.