AI Washing: Unmasking the Illusion

In this contributed article, Maxime Vermeir, Senior Director of AI Strategy at ABBYY, discusses the term “AI Washing” which has emerged as a modern-day mirage, beguiling businesses into pouring resources into AI solutions that, unfortunately, fall short of solving real-world problems. The market is rife with lofty declarations of “innovation” and “Generative AI” utilization, yet they seldom offer a lucid narrative on tangible business outcomes.

VAST Data and Run:ai Revolutionize AI Operations with Full-Stack AI Solution Powered by NVIDIA Accelerated Computing

VAST Data, the AI data platform company, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Run:ai, a leader in compute orchestration for AI workloads. This collaboration marks a monumental step in redefining AI operations at scale, offering a full-stack solution encompassing compute, storage, and data management. Together, VAST and Run:ai are addressing the critical needs of enterprises embarking on large-scale AI initiatives.

Scaling Data Quality with Computer Vision on Spatial Data

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper discusses a number of hot topics today: computer vision, data quality, and spatial data. Computer vision is an extremely viable facet of advanced machine learning for the enterprise. Its utility for data quality is evinced from some high profile use cases. This technology can produce similar boons for other facets of the ever-shifting data ecosystem.

Navigating the AI Landscape in 2024: Prioritizing Ground-Truth Data, Developer Enablement, and Consumer Privacy

In this contributed article, Jason Hudak, SVP of Engineering at Foursquare, explores four pivotal aspects shaping the AI landscape: the imperative role of quality ground-truth data, the proliferation of developer enablement, the renewed focus on consumer privacy in the midst of an election year, and the role LLM’s and NLP’s will play in data democratization.

Sony AI Big Data Industry Predictions for 2024

Our friends over at Sony AI have prepared a special set of compelling technology predictions for the year ahead. The Sony AI team is comprised of researchers and leaders with backgrounds in deep reinforcement learning, data science, law, privacy and security, and more. They each offer different perspectives on topics related to AI ethics and policy, the use of AI to augment creativity and scientific research, emerging AI training methods, and more. From the company’s point of view 2024 should be quite a year! Enjoy these special perspectives from one of our industry’s best known movers and shakers.

Survey Shows that More than 90% of Insurers Plan to Increase AI Investment – Top 4 Trends for Insurers in 2024

To glean insights, Gradient AI conducted a survey  among 100+ customers across diverse insurance companies, revealing four noteworthy AI trends influencing the future landscape of the insurance sector.

AI Companies and Applications have a lot to Prove in 2024

In this contributed article, Saad Siddiqui, General Partner at Telstra Ventures, indicates that while there are plenty of risks for VCs in AI right now, they’re overwhelmingly outweighed by the potential benefits. As AI adoption continues to gain momentum, the task in 2024 will be making strategic investments in companies and applications capable of maximizing the value of the most revolutionary technology in the world.

Generative AI Report – 1/30/2024

Welcome to the Generative AI Report round-up feature here on insideBIGDATA with a special focus on all the new applications and integrations tied to generative AI technologies. We’ve been receiving so many cool news items relating to applications and deployments centered on large language models (LLMs), we thought it would be a timely service for readers to start a new channel along these lines. The combination of a LLM, fine tuned on proprietary data equals an AI application, and this is what these innovative companies are creating. The field of AI is accelerating at such fast rate, we want to help our loyal global audience keep pace.

insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs BULLETIN BOARD for Q1 2024

Welcome insideBIGDATA AI News Briefs BULLETIN BOARD, our timely new feature bringing you the latest industry insights and perspectives surrounding the field of AI including deep learning, large language models, generative AI, and transformers. We’re working tirelessly to dig up the most timely and curious tidbits underlying the day’s most popular technologies. We know this field is advancing rapidly and we want to bring you a regular resource to keep you informed and state-of-the-art. The news bites are constantly being added in reverse date order (most recent on top). With our bulletin board you can check back often to see what’s happening in our rapidly accelerating industry.

Big Tech is Likely to Set AI Policy in the U.S. We Can’t Let That Happen

In this contributed article, Dr. Anna Becker, CEO and cofounder of, discusses explains why President Biden’s recent executive order and approach to regulating Artificial Intelligence puts American innovation at risk, by likely favoring the views and interests of large established tech companies rather than startups.