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2023 Trends in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Generative AI Unfolds  

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper offers his perspectives around 2023 trends for the boundless potential of generative Artificial Intelligence—the variety of predominantly advanced machine learning that analyzes content to produce strikingly similar new content.

Podcast Highlights: “Intel on AI”: Learning with AI

With over 15 years of experience in machine learning, neural networks, and computer vision, Microsoft’s Milena Marinova knows a thing or two about using AI for professional growth. In this podcast episode of “Intel on AI,” Milena shares lessons she’s learned during her career, including the challenges of developing AI products and the importance of data policy by design.

Video Highlights: Google Engineer on His Sentient AI Claim

Google Engineer Blake Lemoine (who worked for the company’s Responsible AI unit) joins Emily Chang of Bloomberg Technology in the video below to talk about some of the experiments he conducted that led him to believe that LaMDA (a Large Language Model) was a sentient AI, and to explain why he was placed on administrative leave and ultimately fired.

Maximizing the Potential of Data and AI through Automation

In this contributed article, Rick Veague, Chief Technology Officer of IFS in North America, dives into how businesses can better leverage data and technology in this increasingly automated world for better value add. With the advent of process automation and machine learning technologies, companies are increasingly confronted with new data and information, as well as the mounting pressure to adopt new tools they don’t understand how to take full advantage of. It’s like finding a needle in a haystack with a metal detector that is too complicated to use – a waste of time and resources while creating a false sense of competitiveness.

AI For the Future of Work.

AI has been a buzzword and businesses are all at different stages of implementing it. But is it actually solving anything? MIT Sloan and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) answer that question in a new report Achieving Individual – and Organization- Value with AI. Among respondents who report that their organization obtains moderate, significant, or extensive value from AI, the vast majority (85%) claim that they personally obtain value from AI. 

Developer Designs AI that Creates Infinite Bored Ape NFTs

In this contributed article, Or Lenchner, CEO, Bright Data, examines how public web data collection can unlock AI-generative NFTs like Yannic Kilcher’s ‘Bored Apes’? Kilcher discusses how public web data is crucial to building generative adversarial networks (GANs). This is an unsupervised learning task in machine learning that involves automatically discovering and learning the regularities or patterns in input data such that the model can be used to generate or output new examples that plausibly could have been drawn from the original dataset.

Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster Brings Push-Button Ease and Linear Performance Scaling to Large Language Models

Cerebras Systems, a pioneer in accelerating artificial intelligence (AI) compute, unveiled the Cerebras Wafer-Scale Cluster, delivering near-perfect linear scaling across hundreds of millions of AI-optimized compute cores while avoiding the pain of the distributed compute. With a Wafer-Scale Cluster, users can distribute even the largest language models from a Jupyter notebook running on a laptop with just a few keystrokes. This replaces months of painstaking work with clusters of graphics processing units (GPU).

ACH Fraud and AI/ML – Much Work to be Done

In this article, I give focus to the situation with the financial services industry embracing AI/ML to a high degree in so many areas, one would think AI/ML would be used to detect and prevent ACH fraud, but this is not generally the case. Even the largest banking institutions seem to wash their hands with regards to ACH fraud, leaving their customers to absorb the losses.

Verta Insights Study Reveals that Fewer than Half of Companies Are Ready to Scale Real-time AI Within Three Years

Verta Inc., a leading provider of enterprise model management and operational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, released findings from the 2022 State of Machine Learning Operations study, which surveyed more than 200 machine learning (ML) practitioners about their use of AI and ML models to drive business success. The study was conducted by Verta Insights, the research practice of Verta Inc., and found that although companies across industries are poised to significantly increase their use of real-time AI within the next three years, fewer than half have actually adopted the tools needed to manage the anticipated expansion.

The Role of AI in RAN Automation

In this contributed article, Peo Lehto, Head of Solution Area OSS, Ericsson Digital Services. Ericsson Digital Services, discusses Intelligent Automation – the use of AI and machine learning tools and systems – as a way to automate at scale, help service providers make sense of their data lakes, and do more with the same network operations and engineering resources.