AI Washing: Unmasking the Illusion

In this contributed article, Maxime Vermeir, Senior Director of AI Strategy at ABBYY, discusses the term “AI Washing” which has emerged as a modern-day mirage, beguiling businesses into pouring resources into AI solutions that, unfortunately, fall short of solving real-world problems. The market is rife with lofty declarations of “innovation” and “Generative AI” utilization, yet they seldom offer a lucid narrative on tangible business outcomes.

Power to the Data Report Podcast: AI Washing

Hello, and welcome to the “Power-to-the-Data Report” podcast where we cover timely topics of the day from throughout the Big Data ecosystem. I am your host Daniel Gutierrez from insideBIGDATA where I serve as Editor-in-Chief & Resident Data Scientist. Today’s topic is “AI Washing,” an aspect of today’s significant hype cycle surrounding artificial intelligence. AI Washing is a marketing effort wherein vendors claim their products and/or services offerings involve AI technology when they really don’t or the connection to AI is minimal.