DataStax and LlamaIndex Partner to Make Building RAG Applications Easier than Ever for GenAI Developers

DataStax, the Gen AI data company, today announced its out-of-the-box retrieval augmented generation (RAG) solution, RAGStack, is now generally available powered by LlamaIndex as an open source framework, in addition to LangChain.  DataStax RAGStack for LlamaIndex is also the first partner to support an integration (currently in public preview) with LlamaIndex’s LlamaParse, which gives developers using Astra DB a simple API to efficiently parse and transform complex PDFs into vectors in minutes. 

Compromising on your Data Stack? Solving Top Analytics Challenges

Organizations face more pressure than ever to be data-driven, but as economic challenges loom they are forced to do more with less with their IT budgets, making compromises with their analytics databases that end up hindering their data-driven initiatives. In this article, Exasol’s North American Business Lead, John Knieriemen, shares some best practices for how organizations can address these analytics challenges.

Lenovo and Anaconda Announce Agreement to Accelerate AI Development and Deployment 

Lenovo™ announced a strategic partnership with Anaconda® Inc., a leading provider of the popular source code for artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data science platform, to empower Lenovo’s high performance data science workstations. The partnership will couple Lenovo’s trusted ThinkStation™ and ThinkPad™ workstation product portfolio heritage and leadership with Anaconda’s enterprise strengths for open-source leadership, security, and reliability. 

Video Highlights: Data Science Trend Predictions — with Sadie St. Lawrence

In this video presentation, our good friend Jon Krohn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at the machine learning company Nebula, is joined by Sadie St. Lawrence to analyze last year’s predictions and delve into the emerging technologies reshaping the field. They cover a range of topics, including the rise of AI hardware accelerators, the evolution of large language models into operating systems, and the potential impact of generative AI on data analysis roles.

The Impact of Data Analytics Integration Mismatch on Business Technology Advancements

In this contributed article, April Miller, senior IT and cybersecurity writer for ReHack Magazine, believes that when professionals are aware their data sets have missing, incomplete or inaccurate values, cleaning is often their first instinct. While it is an adequate approach, it won’t result in the same benefits as proactive action. If businesses prioritize standardization and compatibility, they can gain a competitive advantage, improve their strategic decision-making and accelerate technological advancement.

Heard on the Street – 2/15/2024

Welcome to insideBIGDATA’s “Heard on the Street” round-up column! In this regular feature, we highlight thought-leadership commentaries from members of the big data ecosystem. Each edition covers the trends of the day with compelling perspectives that can provide important insights to give you a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Survey: 1 in 3 People are Using AI to Save their Love Lives

To find out exactly how people feel about AI influencing their dating journey, our friends over at recently surveyed over one thousand adults about the idea. The results might surprise you!

VAST Data and Run:ai Revolutionize AI Operations with Full-Stack AI Solution Powered by NVIDIA Accelerated Computing

VAST Data, the AI data platform company, today announced a groundbreaking partnership with Run:ai, a leader in compute orchestration for AI workloads. This collaboration marks a monumental step in redefining AI operations at scale, offering a full-stack solution encompassing compute, storage, and data management. Together, VAST and Run:ai are addressing the critical needs of enterprises embarking on large-scale AI initiatives.

Scaling Data Quality with Computer Vision on Spatial Data

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper discusses a number of hot topics today: computer vision, data quality, and spatial data. Computer vision is an extremely viable facet of advanced machine learning for the enterprise. Its utility for data quality is evinced from some high profile use cases. This technology can produce similar boons for other facets of the ever-shifting data ecosystem.

Video Highlights: Technical Intro to Transformers and LLMs — with Kirill Eremenko

In this video presentation, our good friend Jon Krohn, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at the machine learning company Nebula, is joined by Kirill Eremenko to explore what goes into well-crafted LLMs, what makes Transformers so powerful, and how to succeed as a data scientist in this new age of generative AI.