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Too Much Data? Issues Facing Brand Managers & Agencies

In this contributed article, Mathias Lanni, Executive VP, Marketing for Velocidi, highlights how to properly navigate your data and find the important metrics and KPIs. Proper data handling and analysis will often depend greatly on each individual company, yet there are still clear guidelines a brand manager can follow to make their lives easier – while producing better outcomes for their company and/or client.

Business Intelligence Requires Natural Language Generation

In this special guest feature, Stuart Frankel, CEO of Narrative Science, discusses how Business Intelligence requires natural language generation (NLG) technology, a subset of artificial intelligence, that transforms data and analysis into concise, intelligent and human-sounding language that anyone can understand. This transformation occurs in mere seconds, at a scale only possible with AI-powered software, freeing up workers from tedious, manual data analysis processes.

How Big Data is Shaking Up the Real Estate Industry

In this special guest feature, Matt Murphy, CMO of Chime Technologies, observes that for decades, the real estate industry has chugged along without too many big changes in how things were done. Information was generally fragmented, if it was accessible at all, and processes were paper-based. Big Data has shaken that up, for commercial and residential real estate alike, making the industries more efficient and precise in 5 key ways.

Big Data: Big Retail Transformation

In this special guest feature, Kerry Liu, Rubikloud CEO, discusses how the retail sector has reached an “AI or Die” moment. Retailers that don’t adapt AI will soon die out. But those that embrace the technology to make automated decisions will enjoy an immediate uptick in their business, and should be able to transform themselves to survive.

How AI Is Helping Speed Drug Development

In this contributed article, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of the Innoplexus, discusses how AI significantly can speed up drug development time, from synthesis to approval. The convergence of healthcare and technology is creating a lot of buzz, especially as the healthcare policy debates are in a gridlock amongst U.S. lawmakers. Fortunately, technology companies and healthcare experts are working together to innovate at breakneck speeds, regardless of policy challenges.

5 Innovative Ways to Improve Human Resources through Artificial Intelligence

In this contributed article, Eva Wislow, career coach and HR Executive at resume writing service, discusses how Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the manner in which companies develop HR plans and manage their workforce and how the evolution of information technologies brought significant changes in the way human resources are being managed.

The Myth of Entry-level Data Science

In this special guest feature, Kevin Safford, Sr. Director of Engineering for Umbel offers a no-nonsense look at how to answer the proverbial question “How can I become a data scientist.” To understand how to become a data scientist, it’s best to get on the same page on what data science is. And if this is your career path, get accustomed to always defining your domain before you begin.

Is App Fragmentation Slowing Down Workplace Efficiency?

In this special guest feature, Andrew Filev, CEO of Wrike, observes that with so much growth in the enterprise software space, workers are now suffering from the problem of fragmentation, meaning they spend quite a bit of time searching for and aggregating information in between the apps in their company’s ecosystem. This represents a huge waste of time for businesses. He shares strategies for evaluating and connecting apps, and designing systems that solve fragmentation to give power back to workers.

The Top Skills Needed to Thrive in the AI Economy

In this special guest feature, Mark Robinson, co-founder of Kimble Applications, outlines the top skills employees need to develop in order to thrive in the “AI economy.” More and more business decisions will be guided by artificial intelligence moving forward. While this doesn’t mean that robots will take our jobs, it’s crucial that workers prepare for how their jobs will be evolving alongside AI.

Interview: Ayush Parashar, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Unifi Software

I recently caught up with Ayush Parashar, Co-Founder and Vice President of Engineering at Unifi Software, to discuss the role and value of metadata as enterprises embrace self-service access to data. Unifi leverages metadata in almost every aspect of what they do. From delivering an elegant user experience to powering AI, it’s a key asset in supporting the capabilities and functionality they are able to deliver to a business user.