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Controlling and Monitoring Access to Sensitive Data in the Cloud

In this contributed article, cloud computing specialist Marcell Gogan advises that monitoring and managing access to sensitive information in the cloud is an essential part of cybersecurity policy in any organization. You need to have a clear visibility of what information is stored where and who can have access to it. Being able to track every action involving critical data is also important.

To Derive Value from Predictive Analytics, Intent Data Is a Must

In this special guest feature, John Steinert, CMO of TechTarget, discusses how marketers must correctly complement CRM and marketing automation data with actionable purchase intent insights that come from external behavioral data. Purchase intent insights help marketers see the actions prospects take that are otherwise hidden.

Big Data and the Opioid Crisis

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips takes a look at the opioid crisis and how two major components of big data can help find a solution including patient behavioral analysis, and also prescription/outcome tracking.

Melding The Minds: Why Humans & AI Make Perfect Partners

In this contributed article, Imaginea Ai Co-founder & CEO Nav Dhunay discusses what’s in store for humanity after the AI revolution. While it’s hard to predict the future, there’s good reason to believe that our relationship to AI will be far more positive than many people assume. The development of more advanced AI has the potential to make humanity even more important, all while expanding what we can achieve.

Building a Winning Data Science Team

In this contributed article, Brad Cordova, co-founder and CTO of TrueMotion, discusses the importance of building a winning data science team, including actionable tips drawn from his own experience on structure, investment and building a culture where data science thrives.

When Data Quality meets Context, Health Wearables Find Their Power

In this special guest feature, Jiang Li, CEO of VivaLNK, offers three key considerations when it comes to remote patient monitoring (RPM) and the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT); a world where devices remotely and continuous gather meaningful data on the state of our health before, during and after a health event.

How to Safeguard Your “Data Lake” for Better Decision Making

In this special guest feature, Mike Vogt, Data Practice Lead at SPR Consulting, believes it is absolutely critical for organizations that deal with large amounts of data to carefully protect their information repositories. He suggests that it’s very important that IT departments set boundaries and give clear directives on how all data is used when the rest of their organization begins “swimming” — or using this data to make decisions — in the data lake, and offers four rules to follow.

Tips For Successful Keyword Research

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses how big data has transformed SEO for marketing purposes by driving traffic to your website, gaining exposure for your brand, and successfully converting customers.

Automation: How Can It Affect Your Company?

In this contributed, Anthony Coggine, HR professional turned business analyst, discusses the importance of artificial intelligence and automation in terms of how the technology can affect your company.

How Sports Brands Are Using Technology to Dominate in Business, Not Just in the Game

In this contributed article, Leo Farias, CTO and Co-founder at Fanhero and Concepta, discusses how many innovators in the sports industry have vocalized a vision for using more data, but implementation is still scarce on the business side of brands. Most teams are primarily gathering player and game data to analyze. Why are they missing out?