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Is Machine Learning The Biggest Focus In The Mobile Industry?

In this contributed article, Manchester based business writer Paul Matthews explores the growing role machine learning is taking in the mobile industry. The speedy growth of machine learning in the mobile industry is both exciting and overwhelming. Just as a consumer becomes used to a certain way of using their mobile phone, it seems new technology is developed to completely change the next edition of the device. It’s clear that AI and ML are one of the biggest focuses of the mobile industry.

Employee Productivity Analytics: An Emerging Tech Category

In this special guest feature, Brian Berns, CEO of Knoa Software, discusses how big data solutions have the potential to uncover workflow inefficiencies, process bottlenecks and application usability issues. With employee productivity analytics, there are many benefits that are within the grasp of every enterprise.

Interview: Adam Weinstein, Co-founder & CEO of Cursor

I recently caught up with Adam Weinstein, Co-founder & CEO of Cursor to discuss how his company’s technology solution enables a single conversation by serving both business users and data practitioners on the same platform. By working together, teams are able to extract more value from their data. Cursor is a data search and analytics hub used by teams at Apple, Slack, Atlassian, and more.

Leveraging the Cloud to Better Mine Data in the Extreme Data Economy

In this special guest feature, Nima Negahban, CTO and Co-founder of Kinetica, observes that the demand for cloud solutions for data analytics is skyrocketing, and advanced analytics software now exists that supports both private and public cloud. No longer is it about businesses making decisions informed by data; in today’s Extreme Data Economy, data is the business.

9 Ways to Utilize Analytics for Your Business

In this contributed article, Eugene Eaton, an Australian-based blogger for Careers Booster, discusses 4 different analytical methodologies, along with 9 ways to incorporate business intelligence into your organization. Remember these tips and test them as soon as you have the chance because it could turn out to be a real game-changer for your business.

The Future of Analytics: 6 Predictions

In this contributed article, Dr. Beverly Wright, Chief Analytics Officer for aspirent, offers a view of the future of analytics with 6 important predictions. Analytics have become an important part of the decision-making process for many companies in the past few decades, particularly with corporations using data assets as a core competency and point of origin.

From Safari to the Stratified Medicine: How Machine Learning Connects the Dots to Create a Future Health Trajectory

In this contributed article, Ori Geva, the Co-Founder and CEO of Medial EarlySign, describes a clear parallel between the work of the professional animal tracker and the use of machine learning in healthcare. Both share the ability to harmonize data to tell a potentially meaningful story. Through both experience and inherited learning, they know how to identify and connect the dots.

Making Big Data Small

In this special guest feature, Gabe Batstone, Co-founder and CEO for contextere , suggests that rather than provide workers with as much data as possible, it may be better to make Big Data small. This means harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to generate actionable insights a worker needs in that moment to complete the task at hand. Making Big Data small, keeping it both consumable and actionable, will empower workers to be more productive, safer and have less equipment downtime.

Top Tips for Refreshing the Information Management Lifecycle

In this special guest feature, Dr. Werner Hopf, SVP Data and Document Solutions at Serrala, suggests that whatever your organization’s information management goals are, CIOs, data owners, and IT departments should consider using the following best practices to refresh your organization’s information management plan, so they are able to retain information safely and securely over its lifecycle.

Wading Through the Hype and Figuring Out How to Bring AI into your Business

In this special guest feature, Rick Nucci, CEO at Guru, provides a perspective targeted at people broadly in tech who know they need to start thinking about AI, given it’s invariably affecting their industry, but don’t know where to start. He provides expert advice on how they should go about wading through the hype and choosing an AI vendor.