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In the Era of AI, How Accounting Jobs Can Survive Against Odds?

In this contributed article, Nishant Kadian, an editor at Ace Cloud Hosting, discusses the evolution of the accounting profession with respect to new technologies that institute change, along with a view for how the latest tech revolution, AI, may affect the field.

How Predictive Analytics Is Being Used in Inventory Management

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews suggests that when companies depend on predictive analytics platforms for inventory management, they can avoid pitfalls and succeed in demanding marketplaces. The lack of effective inventory management practices can lead to upset customers, plunging profits and productivity losses. Fortunately, technology offers assistance in ways that weren’t possible in earlier eras.

End User Data Preparation is More Than Data Wrangling

In this special guest feature, Pete Aven, Director of Sales Engineering for FactGem, offers a discussion that strives to open the eyes of enterprise decision makers to the opportunities for end user data prep in a context beyond simplified data wrangling.

Five Ways You’re Already Using Machine Learning: A Day with AI

In this special guest feature, Mark Scott, CMO at Apixio, highlights the prevalence of machine learning in everyday life and offers five ways you’re (probably) already using machine learning all without you realizing or thinking about it.

The Big Data of Selling a Home

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips takes up the topic of using data analytics for real estate – selling a home. Using machine learning to crunch numbers and observe data, such as how homes are selling in an area, can greatly affect the buying and selling process. From setting prices to marketing, and even determining if you will be able to get a good mortgage, big data can streamline major parts of the selling process.

AI in Business: The Business Capabilities It Can Deliver

In this contributed article, Natasha Manuel, Content Manager at SpringPeople, examines the business capabilities that AI can deliver today, namely cognitive insights, cognitive engagement, and robotic process automation.

A How-To Guide for Digital Transformation Laggards (Yes, You)

In this special guest feature, Vimal Vel, Vice President and Global Head of Master Data Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet, offers six key steps that will jumpstart your digital transformation process, starting with a key individual and ending with full self-assessment. If you don’t start somewhere, you’re destined to leave behind a company full of broken connections, siloed systems and missed opportunities. It’s time to choose structured success and true digital transformation instead.

Interview: Vinod Bakthavachalam, Data Scientist at Coursera

I recently caught up with Vinod Bakthavachalam, Data Scientist at Coursera, to discuss how to build in-demand skills in data science such as machine learning, statistics, and data management across your organization to drive competitive advantage. Coursera for Business provides companies with the world’s best learning experience and best content to transform their talent.

Riding the Waves of Data Modernization

In this contributed article, Jeff Healey, Senior Director for Vertica at Micro Focus, discusses how there’s still time for leaders from traditional industries to modernize their aged data warehouses in becoming more data-driven. However, they face a serious threat of extinction from data-hungry disruptors born in the 21st century that base their decision-making on cloud-optimized analytical platforms with machine learning capabilities at scale.

How Does AI Training Work?

In this special guest feature, Charly Walther, VP of Product and Growth at, discusses a topic of critical importance to machine learning and AI: training. He goes through the three stages: training, validation, and testing and also points out the importance of data quality.