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The Key to Machine Learning to Defend Against Web Application Attacks

In this special guest feature, Misha Govshteyn, Co-Founder and SVP of Products at Alert Logic, offers some practical insights to successfully leverage machine learning to improve web application attack defenses.

Interview: David Steinmetz, Machine Learning Engineer at Capital One

I recently caught up with Daniel Steinmetz, who is a Machine Learning Engineer with Capital One Bank to discuss how to get a job at Capital One, the types skills they are looking for, and what his typical day looks like.

Companies Pigeonhole Productivity and Profitability Potential with Machine Learning

In this special guest feature, Yvonne Cook, General Manager at DataRobot UK, takes a look at how companies are applying machine learning technology to give themselves a substantial leap forward in their quest for digital transformation.

How Big Data and AI Are Transforming How We Buy Cars

In this contributed article, John Price, CEO of Vast, explores how big data coupled with the methods of artificial intelligence (AI) have transformed how we buy cars. Big data and AI aren’t just changing the sales process for consumers. They’re changing it for salespeople, too, giving each salesperson an “intelligent assistant” in their pocket.

What You Need to Know Before Investing in Containers

In this special guest feature, Ash Wilson, Strategic Engineering Specialist at CloudPassage, has put together a list of tips and actions for those looking to implement or are currently investing in container technology.

AI is on Its Way to the Enterprise, Bringing Easy Analytics with It

In this contributed article, Doug Bordonaro, Chief Data Evangelist at ThoughtSpot takes a personal ride through all the ways that artificial intelligence (AI) is making strong inroads into the enterprise, specifically how the promise of AI in the enterprise is finally being realized.

Privacy Protection – The Emerging Data Governance Mandate

In this special guest feature, Adam Lorant, VP of Customer Success for PHEMI Systems, takes a look at the ever-increasing number and variety of organizations that are facing the challenge of managing their data assets in a hyper-responsible manner to ensure not only data integrity and security, but, increasingly, data privacy.

AWS Cost Control Recommendations and How They Work

In this contributed article, Jay Chapel, CEO of ParkMyCloud provides 6 instrumental AWS cost control recommendations and how they work. These will be of interest to large and small enterprises that want to reduce their bills, just like with any utility you might run at home. We’ll see how cloud management and cloud optimization tools are quite important for all of these organizations looking for cost control.

How To Spend Less Time Processing Queries And More Time Gaining Insights

In this contributed article, Richard Heyns, CEO of Brytlyt discusses the trend of companies adopting GPU database software and the things they should keep in mind when adopting a GPU database.

Just Give Me My Data, Dammit!

In this special guest feature, Lloyd Tabb, Looker Chairman, Founder and CTO, discusses a number of trends playing out in the data space, from SaaS, to the data “share” house, to latency, to data weight. It’s a fun ride brought to you by an industry veteran.