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When it Comes to ML/AI, One Size Does Not Fit All

In this special guest feature, David Winikoff, Senior Director, SteelCentral Product Management at Riverbed Technology, believes that as AI and Machine Learning go from hype to reality, organizations must be cautious in adopting too quickly, as one size does not fit all. Here’s why – data fuels the AI and Machine Learning engine to produce insights and information, and how an organization collects that data will determine its ability to gain actionable and valuable insights and predictive outcomes. As a result, organizations must very carefully select technologies and partners that best meet their specific needs to take full advantage of the opportunities AI and ML offer.

If Data is the New Oil, We’re About to Bust

In this contributed article, Tracy Malingo, Senior VP of Product Strategy at Verint Intelligent Self-Service, a division of Verint, discusses how data certainly has the promise of becoming the next major industry, and with AI as its vehicle, the future seems just as lucrative and legendary as the rise of “Big Oil.” But we need to know how to utilize it. Otherwise we’ll bust before we even have the chance to boom.

How the Gig Economy Will Bring Big Data to Every Market

In this contributed article, Marcus Sawyerr, CEO of YOSS USA, discusses how today’s organizations need data in order to be successful, and they need data scientists to make use of that data. In order for both parties to thrive in this era, companies need to have the right strategies in place before they invest in freelance talent. When they do, freelance data scientists will have the opportunity to gather critical knowledge from the data and use their talents to drive innovation and success.

Why Self-Service BI Tools Alone Can’t Build Data-Driven Cultures

In this special guest feature, Brett Hurt, CEO of, suggests that while 99% of executives want a data-driven culture, it’s hard to build one. Enter the Chief Data Officer (CDO), tasked with capturing and growing the value of data and analysis within his or her enterprise. It’s not an easy job. True data-driven cultures aren’t built by buying expensive tools to empower the data elite. And while deploying self-service BI (business intelligence) tools is one important step in the right direction, the Chief Data Officer is on a journey.

Tips for Keeping Data HIPAA Compliant

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips believes healthcare providers need patients to trust them. Without patients, a clinic, hospital, or practice can’t continue operating as a successful business. The fear of having one’s data put at risk can make it difficult for patients to provide their personal information or discuss health issues. Healthcare professionals should make it clear to patients that their information will be kept confidential. The guidelines below can put patients’ minds at ease.

How Big Data, AI and Biometrics Are Building Trust in the Sharing Economy

In this special guest feature, Labhesh Patel, CTO & Chief Scientist at Jumio, discusses how big data and digital identity will power businesses in the sharing economy in the future. The article looks at the massive amounts of data being collected from government-issued IDs (driver’s licenses, passports, etc.) and photos individuals take to verify they actually are who they say they are, and how AI and big data analytics can help these companies create a more frictionless experience and build trust that fraudsters are being kept at bay. Trust is the most important currency in the sharing economy, and big data, AI and identity verification will enable companies to retain it.

Things Made Possible by the Machine Learning Revolution

In this contributed article, Joseph Feiman, PhD,, Chief Strategy Officer at WhiteHat Security, discusses the ways machine learning is changing the way we live by examining several touch points with which we can all identify.

How AI and Big Data will Transform Banking in 2019

In this special guest feature, Hiral Atha, Founder and CEO of MoveoApps, a mobile apps development agency, believes that with everything from your refrigerator to your car going smart, banking and financial services cannot afford to lag. Before this decade ends, AI and big data will be making radical changes to the way banks serve their customers.

Big Data’s Role in Self-Driving Car Development

In this contributed article, Magnolia Potter indicates how big data is changing industries worldwide, and deep learning is contributing to the progress towards fully autonomous vehicles. Although it will still be several decades before the mass adoption of self-driving cars, the change will slowly but surely come. In only a few decades, we’ll likely be living in a time where cars are a safer form of transportation, and accidents are tragedies that are few and far between.

Major Disruptions in Data Storage Technology: What This Shake-Up Means for the Enterprise

In this special guest feature, Dave Donald, Founder and CEO of Keeper Technology, looks at some of the biggest disruptors we will see, or continue to see, shaking up the storage industry in 2019 including: SDS, NVMe, hyper-converged architectures, edge computing, and portable storage architectures.