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How Machine Learning is Improving Business Intelligence

In this contributed article, Lauren Adley, writer and editor at Essay Writing In Australia, discusses how machine learning (ML) is improving BI. The ML ability to streamline operational processes is probably its most important way. With the help of intelligent IT automation, productivity boosts can be massive, and this is why this aspect of ML is attracting a lot of attention.

Sustainability, Big Data, and Corporate Social Responsibility

In this contributed article, Magnolia Potter discusses how using big data to create an action plan for corporate social responsibility yields positive results for more than just the intended social and environmental causes. It also demonstrates a modern company’s active commitment to its clientele’s values, creating a relatable element — particularly in a B2C relationship — that can directly lead to growth within its customer base.

Machine Learning Deployment Options: in the Cloud vs. at the Edge

In this special guest feature, Neil Cohen, Vice President at Edge Intelligence, examines the question: where should businesses develop and execute machine learning? This article explores the pros and cons of in the cloud versus at the edge.

Industries Making the Best Competitive Use of AI in 2019

Today we continue the insideBIGDATA Executive Round Up, our annual feature showcasing the insights of thought leaders on the state of the big data industry, and where it is headed. In today’s discussion, our panel of experienced big data executives – Ayush Parashar, Co-founder and Vice President of Engineering for Unifi Software, Robert Lee, Vice President & Chief Architect, Pure Storage, Inc., and Oliver Schabenberger, COO & CTO at SAS – take a look at the industries making the best competitive use of AI in 2019.

How Big Data Helps Vaccines Improve

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips believes that the possibilities with big data and vaccinology are endless. Lists could be automatically generated to identify under-vaccinated populations, determining what vaccines are overdue, and giving reminders to doctors and the public. Systems such as these might be the best use of big data in the quest of delivering holistic and safe health to people around the globe.

The Role of Analytics in Product Development

In this special guest feature, Monty G. Myers, founder and CEO of Eureka Software Solutions, Inc., believes that if metrics are the vehicle that drives product development, analytics is the gasoline that provides the power. Without analytics, the information generated by metrics is just a pile of data. Analytics is crucial to product management for one significant purpose: product improvement. Analytics plays five important roles in product management.

New Way of Looking at Data Can Help Improve College Enrollment Insights and Student Retention

In this contributed article, Taylor Riggs, Director of Data Visualization and Customer Success at GlyphEd, observes that every day, more colleges and universities are using data analytics to improve their admissions and student success metrics. But as the amount of student and organizational data increases, it can be hard to find the “needle in the haystack.” Enter the glyph, a unique way of holistically visualizing all the data known about a student – allowing enrollment teams to see more and know more, faster.

Can AI Democratize Life Insurance?

In this contributed article, Andrew W. Singer, Principal, Singer Publications, discusses how several startups are using AI to address some problems with obtaining life insurance. In the process, they just may democratize life insurance. With AI, you are changing the paradigm.

How AI and Big Data Can Help Consumer Goods Companies Run Profitable Trade Promotions?

In this contributed article, Hemanth Kumar of Acuvate discusses how AI and Big Data come together to generate important benefits for each step of trade promotions, including improved promotion forecasting and planning, promotion effectiveness and measurement and finally, enabling companies to optimize trade promotions to drive critical business results.

Managing the Threat Above—How AI Can Streamline Cloud Computing with Burgeoning Data Growth

In this special guest feature, Tyrone Pike, President & CEO of FileShadow, Inc., observes that the number of files transferred daily makes it extremely difficult to manage manually, but AI is improving cloud technology to handle the influx. Applying AI to cloud storage enables users to gather, analyze, catalog and protect more data than ever before.