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Defining the Data Science Landscape

In this contributed article, Manny Bernabe who leads and develops strategic relationships for Uptake’s Data Science team, provides an overview of the three growing fields of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

A Winning Playbook: In-store Customer Journey Measurement

In this contributed article, John Morrell, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Datameer and Gary Angel, CEO and Founder, Digital Mortar outlines four winning ways to help you craft a successful in-store customer journey strategy and an analytics environment that can support the needs of your organization.

Machine Learning: Better Means of Consumption Required

In this contributed article, Darren Peirce, CTO of Magnitude Software, discusses how companies that will win using machine learning will be those that figure out how to take the innovation, apply it in simple ways, and make it consumable for the end user.

Is Customized Healthcare a Near Term Reality?

In this special guest feature, Abdul Hamid Halabi, the global business development lead for healthcare and life sciences at NVIDIA, discusses how personalized or precision medicine is becoming a reality with the help of a machine learning method called deep learning.

Interview: Daphne Koller, Chief Computing Officer, Calico; Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University

The following is a discussion with Daphne Koller, Chief Computing Officer, Calico Labs; Adjunct Professor of Computer Science, Stanford University; ACM-Infosys 2007 Foundation Award. The Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) just concluded a celebration of 50 years of the ACM A.M. Turing Award (commonly known as the “Nobel Prize of computing”) with a two-day conference in San Francisco. The conference brought together some of the brightest minds in computing to explore how computing has evolved and where the field is headed.

Five Reasons to Backup Your Hadoop Environment

In this special guest feature, Peter Smails, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Datos IO, discusses that in order to achieve enterprise-grade data protection on Hadoop platforms, there are five reasons to consider backup and recovery solutions for big data file systems like Hadoop.

“Hide the Tech” to Take Big Data Mainstream

In this contributed article, Ravi Dharnikota, Chief Enterprise Architect at SnapLogic, examines a number of important trends that are simplifying the adoption of big data such as the cloud, serverless computing, self-service integration, and machine learning/AI. The effect is that these trends tend to actually “hide” the tech to put more focus on the data and the business.

A New Weapon in the Fight Against Opioid Addiction: Behavioral Analytics

In this special guest feature, David Hom, Chief Evangelist at SCIO Health Analytics®, supports his belief that sophisticated behavioral analytics is the key to uncovering patients who are likely to be or become addicted to prescription opioids.

The Modern Problem of Collecting Network Data

In this contributed article, technology writer and blogger Kayla Matthews discusses how in light of the emergence of big data, IT infrastructure and network properties are changing. Where previously, the hardware only needed to support a conventional traffic load, now it also needs to support monitoring and the storage of collected data.

Big Data or Small Data? The Correct Answer is Both

In this special guest feature, Dr. Ricardo Baeza-Yates, CTO at NTENT, discusses how it’s not enough to weigh data decisions on the descriptor of big versus small alone – a number of other things must be considered.