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The Big Data Revolution: How Data Can Solve Commercial and Public Health Problems

In this contributed article, freelance human Avery Phillips discusses how big data is the key to solving many problems in both the marketplace and in public health. While consumers may not be aware of it, big data guides most decisions today. She looks at some examples of how leaders of organizations across the globe are leveraging big data to make an impact in their respective sectors.

How the SP Theory of Intelligence May Help Solve Nine Problems with Big Data

In this contributed article, Dr. Gerry Wolff reviews the time he’s spent on developing a theory of intelligence, expressed in a computer model, which is designed to simplify and integrate ideas across AI and related fields. The result is a system that demonstrates versatility in aspects of intelligence and versatility in the representation of diverse forms of knowledge.

“Above the Trend Line” – Your Industry Rumor Central for 3/19/2018

Above the Trend Line: your industry rumor central is a recurring feature of insideBIGDATA. In this column, we present a variety of short time-critical news items grouped by category such as people movements, funding news, financial results, industry alignments, rumors and general scuttlebutt floating around the big data, data science and machine learning industries including behind-the-scenes anecdotes and curious buzz.

Why Wait? Use AI to Automate Basic Business Tasks

In this special guest feature, Brian Schwarz, VP of Product Management at Pure Storage, discusses how the primary value of AI is around automation. That means just about anywhere we currently use humans to complete repetitive tasks, AI can help. AI and machine learning teach computers to recognize patterns in unstructured data and turn it into structured data in a manner that allows for automatic response to be applied. Industry analysts estimate AI will be built into nearly every new software update to hit the market by 2020. Organizations that make the shift earlier will have a major competitive advantage. This article will explore how AI can boost your business, implementation measures and how data can guide this transition. Launches Productive, Secure Platform for Modern Data Teamwork announced the launch of its data collaboration platform for the enterprise. The new platform breaks down the barriers separating people, data, and business impact to unleash data’s true potential within any organization. Now, data professionals and less-technical stakeholders can work together productively within an integrated, discoverable, collaborative, and secure environment.

Data Science Job Postings Are Growing Quickly

As more businesses look to data driven technologies like automation and AI, the need for talented workers who can interpret the data is only expected to rise. In fact, IBM predicts that the demand for data scientists will soar 28% by 2020. To dive into this trend further, our friends at Indeed, the well-known job site, took a deeper look at the industry growth.

Best of for AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning – February 2018

In this recurring monthly feature, we will filter all the recent research papers appearing in the preprint server for subjects relating to AI, machine learning and deep learning – from disciplines including statistics, mathematics and computer science – and provide you with a useful “best of” list for the month.

How AI and Machine Learning are Impacting B2B Companies

In this special guest feature, Joanna Eliopoulos, Growth Marketing Manager at Clickback, discusses the ways in which AI and machine learning are impacting B2B companies. Today’s business owners expect companies to anticipate their specific needs, and act accordingly. Those who aren’t streamlining this decision-making process using AI will fall behind.

4 Critical Areas Small Businesses Should Incorporate AI

In this contributed article, Mostafa Elbermawy, a seasoned SaaS growth strategist, discusses four critical areas in which small businesses should incorporate artificial intelligence. Small businesses may be concerned about the commitment of switching practices over to this fairly new and quickly changing technology. But, the pros far outweigh the cons.

Interview: Dr. Yu Xu, CEO and Founder of TigerGraph

I recently caught up with Dr. Yu Xu, CEO and Founder of TigerGraph, to discuss the genesis of graph analytics, how the technology has evolved over time, how it’s being used today, along with a sense for where the graph market is headed.