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2022 and Vertical Industry Data — A Sleeping Giant Awakens

In this contributed article, Steven Schwartz, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Narrative, believes this coming year will be the one that marketing a company’s data as a viable revenue-generating “product” will gain traction across a myriad of vertical industries. Businesses are looking for ways to expand their revenue lines, and data’s unique attributes make it attractive to sell, from a pure P&L perspective.

World Data League Launches Public Report with the Competition’s Best Solutions and Strategies

The work of more than 100 data scientists, over 14 challenges in line with the 11th United Nations Goal – Sustainable Cities and Communities – is now available for consultation and use through an open report released by the World Data League.

Data Maturity Remains Atop the Leadership Agenda

The Boston Consulting Group released the third iteration of its Data Capability Maturity survey. According to the findings, some organizations are gaining clear advantages from data, while many others continue to fall woefully short of their goals. Participants of this latest survey include more than 1,100 companies worldwide from nine industry verticals – each asked to evaluate their current data maturity performance level and aspirations for the next three years across seven core data capabilities.

2022 Trends in Data Governance: Operational Capabilities

In this contributed article, editorial consultant Jelani Harper discusses how for organizations everywhere—regardless of industry, size, or area of focus—data governance has reached a critical inflection point. It has long been established as a vital area of risk management predicated on achieving regulatory compliance, maintaining data privacy, and ensuring ongoing sustainability of data as an enterprise asset.

87% of US Agriculture Businesses Are Currently Using AI

New research found that agriculture is second only to insurance and exhibitions sectors in scaling its use of AI. The study was carried out by RELX, the parent company of global agricultural data business Proagrica.

insideBIGDATA Latest News – 11/24/2021

In this regular column, we’ll bring you all the latest industry news centered around our main topics of focus: big data, data science, machine learning, AI, and deep learning. Our industry is constantly accelerating with new products and services being announced everyday. Fortunately, we’re in close touch with vendors from this vast ecosystem, so we’re in a unique position to inform you about all that’s new and exciting. Our massive industry database is growing all the time so stay tuned for the latest news items describing technology that may make you and your organization more competitive.

The Future of AI is the Edge; Can GPUs Take the Heat?

In this special guest feature, Ludovic Larzul, Founder and CEO, Mipsology, describes how in the future, AI will be everywhere. And though some computation will continue to take place in data centers, more will happen at the edge. There is just no other way for smart consumer devices, smart city applications and autonomous cars to work. As such, application developers must ensure that their designs work as well in the real world as they do in the climate-controlled lab.

How Edge Analytics could Drive the Next Wave of Digital Transformation

In this contributed article, Gary Ogasawara, Cloudian’s Chief Technology Officer, discusses how edge computing is still a work in progress. The first wave of digital transformation helped IT-focused companies gain a competitive edge. The next wave will extend existing cloud development practices, applications, and data models to the edge to help accelerate the digital transformation for other industries.

With More Data Comes Great Responsibility and a Need for Education

In this sponsored post, Dr Kendra Vant, Executive General Manager of data at global small business accounting platform Xero, discusses what responsible data use looks like in practice for tech companies and professionals. From strengthening insights into how a business operates and keeping businesses better equipped and informed, through to saving time with automation and even deepening a business’ understanding of its customers – the potential of data to make life easier for businesses and their customers is awe inspiring.

Data and Analytics Leaders Report Wasting Funds on Bad Data

As enterprises fiercely compete for data engineers, a new global poll out today by Wakefield Research and Fivetran, a leading provider of automated data integration, shows that, on average, 44 percent of their time is wasted building and rebuilding data pipelines, which connect data lakes and warehouses with databases and applications.