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Are You Ready for GDPR?: 5 Hard Questions Every Enterprise Should Ask Customer Data Partners

In this contributed article, Nitay Joffe, co-founder and CTO of ActionIQ, provides 5 tough questions every data controller should ask their data processors in preparation for the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline on May 25.

Spotting Fake News With AI

In this special guest feature, Chris Nicholson, CEO of Skymind, discusses ways AI can identify fake news. Specifically, deep learning has the ability to identify fake news based on all sorts of tells. He also provides references to initiatives like the Fake News Challenge and Fakebox that show how AI can be applied with fairly high accuracy to identify fake news.

Instaclustr Announces Apache Kafka Managed Service

Instaclustr, offering scalable open source technologies delivered as completely managed solutions, announced the immediate availability of its new Apache Kafka managed service. The release follows an Early Access Program that saw a handful of Instaclustr customers successfully deploy the Kafka-as-a-Service solution to manage high volume data streams in real-time.

Businesses Struggle to Meet GDPR Deadline as Data Privacy Gains Public Support

In this contributed article, Todd Wright, Global Lead GDPR Solutions at SAS, discusses the impact of GDPR and its compliance deadline which is quickly coming up on May 25. Specifically, he focuses on how businesses struggle to meet the GDPR deadline as data privacy gains public support.

G5 and Partner to Deliver AI Optimization for Real Estate Marketing

G5, a leading innovator in marketing optimization for the real estate industry, and, a leader in AI, are teaming up to launch G5’s next generation Intelligent Marketing Cloud with H2O’s Driverless AI. The G5 data science team has optimized the Intelligent Marketing Cloud leveraging H2O and Driverless AI for unique positioning in the property management marketplace with a solution that can prioritize inbound leads to simultaneously drive conversions, and cut digital marketing spend.

Machine Learning Managed Services: Can Big Tech Provide Viable Alternatives to IIoT Predictive Maintenance Software?

In this contributed article, Deddy Lavid, CTO of Presenso, offers 5 important questions to ask when considering machine learning managed services, specifically can new technology provide viable alternatives to IIoT predictive maintenance software.

Parallel Storage Fuels Groundbreaking Neuroscience and Behavioral Research at Harvard

To alleviate bottlenecks and achieve the ideal balance of parallel performance and optimized availability, Harvard University’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Research Computing (FASRC) deployed the DataDirect Networks (DDN®) GRIDScaler® GS7KX® parallel file system appliance with 1PB of storage. The installation has sped the collection of images detailing synaptic connectivity in the brain’s cerebral cortex.

Deep Threat Analysis: Going Beyond the Obvious to Improve Border Security

In this special guest feature, John Kendall, Director of the Border and National Security Program for the global public sector practice at Unisys, discusses how border security experts around the world can improve their threat analysis with new AI and machine learning tools. A new approach, known as “deep threat analysis,” uses predictive analytics to examine the complex web of relationships and actions surrounding a traveler or shipment crossing a border.

Accelerate Business Value with Serverless Computing

In order to answer questions about serverless computing, Continuous Data Platform Iguazio offers a whitepaper “Accelerate Business Value with Serverless Computing” that weighs the pros and cons of function-as-a-service, or serverless computing in the cloud. The report defines exactly what serverless means (newsflash: it’s a misnomer), examining the offerings and challenges of the technology, and giving software engineers a look at how they can weigh their options when deciding how to engage with the hottest new areas in cloud computing.

DDN and Parabricks Announce Solution for GPU Acceleration of Genome Analysis

DDN Storage (DDN®) and Parabricks announced the availability of a jointly-integrated technology solution that provides massive acceleration for analysis of human genomes. The breakthrough platform combines GPU supercomputing performance with DDN’s Parallel Flash Data Platforms for fastest time to results, and enables unprecedented capabilities for high-throughput genomics analysis pipelines.