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New Dell EMC Solutions Bring Machine and Deep Learning to Mainstream Enterprises

Dell EMC announces new machine learning and deep learning solutions, continuing the company’s work to bring high performance computing (HPC) and data analytics capabilities to mainstream enterprises worldwide. This enables organizations to take advantage of the convergence of HPC and data analytics and realize advancements in areas including fraud detection, image processing, financial investment analysis and personalized medicine.

Things You Can Do with a Recurrent Neural Network

In this video presentation from the 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand, Douglas Bagnall examines a particularly hot topic in deep learning, namely recurrent neural networks, and all the things you can do with them.

IBM Introduces New Software to Ease Adoption of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

IBM announced new software to deliver faster time to insight for high performance data analytics (HPDA) workloads, such as Spark, Tensor Flow and Caffé, for AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Based on the same software, which will be deployed for the Department of Energy’s CORAL Supercomputer Project at both Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore, IBM will enable new solutions for any enterprise running HPDA workloads.

Big Data: Big Retail Transformation

In this special guest feature, Kerry Liu, Rubikloud CEO, discusses how the retail sector has reached an “AI or Die” moment. Retailers that don’t adapt AI will soon die out. But those that embrace the technology to make automated decisions will enjoy an immediate uptick in their business, and should be able to transform themselves to survive.

4 Trends that are Upending the Analyst World

Data science company, Dataiku, has published a free whitepaper “The Analyst of the Future” outlining the sweeping changes that will affect the analyst industry and how everyone can prepare. 4 trends that are upending the analyst world as itemized in the report are provided below. No one needs to be reminded that the data world – and everything it touches, which is, basically, everything – is changing rapidly. For analysts, there four major trends that are driving the opportunities that will fuel their career adventure over these next few years. At the heart of these trends is a massive wave of data being generated and collected by organizations worldwide.

Algorithmia Launches AI Layer for the Enterprise

Algorithmia announces the availability of the Algorithmia AI Layer, a software platform that dramatically accelerates the process by which companies can deploy Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) models into applications. Designed for companies building AI/ML algorithm portfolios, Algorithmia AI Layer allows data scientists to automate the DevOps and deployment of AI/ML models in the language of their choice with a simple API in a matter of minutes.

How AI Is Helping Speed Drug Development

In this contributed article, Gunjan Bhardwaj, Founder and CEO of the Innoplexus, discusses how AI significantly can speed up drug development time, from synthesis to approval. The convergence of healthcare and technology is creating a lot of buzz, especially as the healthcare policy debates are in a gridlock amongst U.S. lawmakers. Fortunately, technology companies and healthcare experts are working together to innovate at breakneck speeds, regardless of policy challenges.

New Containers on NVIDIA GPU Cloud Help Developers Instantly Deploy Fully Optimized AI and HPC Software

NVIDIA announced that a new advanced data center GPU — the NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPU based on NVIDIA’s Volta architecture — is available through major computer makers and chosen by major cloud providers to deliver artificial intelligence and high performance computing.

5 Innovative Ways to Improve Human Resources through Artificial Intelligence

In this contributed article, Eva Wislow, career coach and HR Executive at resume writing service, discusses how Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the manner in which companies develop HR plans and manage their workforce and how the evolution of information technologies brought significant changes in the way human resources are being managed.

Fluree PBC Launches FlureeDB — Scalable, Blockchain Cloud Database

Companies and developers wanting to integrate the decentralization, immutability, and consensus benefits of blockchain technology into their existing data infrastructure and business applications finally have an enterprise-grade product with which to do so. FlureeDB — a scalable, blockchain cloud database — launched for public beta use.