Big Data Magic will Require New Tricks

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David Rosenbaum at CFO Magazine writes that deriving value from Big Data is going to require a different mix of IT than the traditional approach of just running queries from expensive data warehouses:

A recent McKinsey report on Big Data suggests that “organizations will have to deploy new technologies (e.g., storage, computing, and analytical software)” in order to “capture value from Big Data.” Those new technologies are evolving right now. The most famous Big Data tool is probably the open-source database management tool Hadoop (named after a toy elephant belonging to its creator’s child), which breaks down huge data sets into small segments that can be run by applications more quickly and cheaply in virtualized (cloud) database environments. And once the data is accessible, it can be run through analytic tools designed to handle Big Data, provided by Appistry, Cloudera, LexisNexis, or Teradata, among others.

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