What is a Data Scientist?

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Gil Press has posted some interesting thoughts on What is a Data Scientist?

The non-start-ups, the large companies trying to mine the benefits of the big data wave, not only have to compete hard for data scientists, but also to make sure that they have clean data to work with. According to Gartner (quoted here), more than 35 per cent of companies’ IT budgets will be outside of the IT department’s control in 2012 and beyond. “Increasing volumes of data, while a boon in terms of customer insight and engagement, will create challenges around managing and interpreting that information. As budgetary control shifts, there is a concern that the IT department will no long be able to guarantee just how accurate or consistent that data is.”

Well, I always said consistency is over-rated. And besides, that data scientist you just hired, may turn any data, accurate or otherwise, into music. That’s what Domenico Vicinanza did at SC11, turning big data into a concert of electronic music.

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