Slidecast: Versant JPA Technical Preview Tailor-Made for Big Data

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In this video, Dirk Bartels from Versant presents: JPA Technical Preview.

The Java Persistence API is a Java programming language framework managing relational data in applications using Java Standard Edition and Java Enterprise Edition. To maximize performance, the Versant JPA has native object persistence API and storage specifically designed for Big Data and Analytics. As a technical preview for developers, the  Versant JPA is now available for download.

Every database can store simple rows; many can do that fast. Every database can retrieve simple rows; many can do that fast. But … The world is not made of simple rows. The world is complex and so are real world applications and their data models. Trying to break complex scenarios into simple rows and columns will either result in a tremendous amount of code, or the result will suffer from performance issues (or both). With Versant Object Database (VOD) one can store and retrieve complex objects instead of simple rows. And, one can do that really fast. So for complex scenarios, it is clearly the better choice.

But wait…Why, then, doesn’t everybody use VOD? And here we had a problem: Everybody (not really everybody, but you get the point) speaks SQL. Java developers speak JPA. Nobody (again not literally) speaks JVI (I guess, most of you don’t even know what JVI means). Therefore, we’re making it easy for Java developers to talk to VOD in their language: JPA.

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