Learn Big Data for Better Decisions, Feb 22-24 in San Francisco

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While Big Data is undoubtedly the hottest topic in business right now, how can enterprises start taking advantage of analyitics?

Next week Aryng (A-ring) is holding an a big data analytics training for business professionals in San Francisco. Designed around a a structured analytics framework, this unique course gives participants the recipe to make smarter decisions based on data.

This analytics course serves as a complete hands-on training for non-technical business professionals as well as seasoned analyst and business intelligence professional. The instructors at Aryng (www.Aryng.com) are senior analytics executives from Fortune 100 companies who have packaged the learning from their careers in this analytics class to deliver simple and easy to follow framework.

Registration is now open for the course, which takes place Feb 22-24 at the Grand Hyatt. Read the Full Story

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