Why Hadoop Education is Vital to Big Data Analysis

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Alex Buttery writes that Hadoop skills are in demand, but that Academia is behind the ball.

Hadoop is one of the up-and-coming technologies for performing analysis on big data, but to date very few universities have included it in their undergraduate or graduate curriculums. In a February 2012 article from InfoWorld, those already using the technology issued the warning that “Hadoop requires extensive training along with analytics expertise not seen in many IT shops today.” A ComputerWorld article singled out MIT and UC Berkeley as having already added Hadoop training and experience to their curriculums. Other educational institutions need to seek out practitioners in their area or poll alumni to determine if individuals that can impart their knowledge to college students are available and if so, prepare a curriculum to start training the next generation of IT employees and imbue them with the skills they will require to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

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