The Big Bang Meets Big Data at CERN

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Nick Heath from Tech Republic writes that researchers at the Cern LHC nuclear physics lab aren’t just searching for the origins of the universe – they’re also working on the future of big data.

LHC experiments have already churned out 22PB of data this year, but Cern doesn’t rely on a relational database to store raw experimental data. Instead, data is stored in ROOT structured files, which are better suited to physics analysis. Transactional relational databases, Oracle 11gR2 with Real Application Clusters and Active Data Guard, store metadata information that is used to manage that raw data.

As the amount of data continues to grow we have to keep trying to optimise the rate at which we can process the data,” said Bob Jones, Cern’s head of openlab. “If Cern shows what works, and we publish that information with HP, Oracle, Intel, Siemens or Huawei, then that’s beneficial to their other customers and to other business sectors as well.”

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