YarcData Shows Why Big Data is More than Hadoop

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Gartner’s Carl Claunch writes that Big Data involves a much wider and varied set of needs, practices, and technologies than just Hadoop or data warehouses. To meet the needs of graph computing, Cray’s YarcData systems feature a single systemwide memory space that does not need to be partitioned.

YarcData has designed uRiKA with three technologies to minimize or eliminate the costs of the irregular, unpredictable leaps in graph processing. A unique approach to processor design, YarcData’s Threadstorm chip, shows no slowdown under the characteristic zigs and zags of graph-oriented processing. Second, the data is held in-memory in very large system memory configurations, slashing the rate of file accesses. Finally, a global shared memory architecture provides every server in the uRiKA system access to all data.

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