A ‘Maverick Fabric’ for Big Data Analytics

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Over at Network World, Gnodal CEO Bob Fernande writes, just as in HPC clusters, plain old Ethernet doesn’t cut it for Big Data Analyitics. He then proposes a different approach with a new “maverick fabric.”

Such a fabric should have a way to eliminate network congestion within a multi-switch Ethernet framework to free up available bandwidth in the network fabric. It also should significantly improve performance by negotiating load-balancing flows between switches with no performance hit and, use a “fairness” algorithm that prioritizes packets in the network and ensures that broadcast data or other large frame traffic, such as localized storage sub-systems, will not unfairly consume bandwidth.

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  1. There will come a time when Analog will be obsolete. So what is going to happen is a switch to Digital. Which is why everything will become Ethernet already And afterwards, fiber.