New DDN Hybrid Appliance Anticipates and Optimizes Big Data Movement

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This week DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced the SFA7700, a hybrid flash storage appliance with a unique ability to anticipate and optimize the workloads of big data-intensive applications.

DDN has extended its SFA technology to feature even greater levels of efficiency and modularity,” said Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “With appliance-level integration into DDN’s file storage technology and new automation with DDN’s cloud collaboration tools, the SFA7700 is an ideal foundation to DDN’s Big Data portfolio and will enable organizations to ingest, process, store and distribute data with simplicity and scalability.”

According to the company, the SFA7700 hybrid storage appliance is an ideal entry-level system for organizations with big data storage needs. It can start small, supporting 60 SSDs and/or HDDs in a 4U rack for a maximum capacity of 240TBs, and can expand to support up to 396 disks in 20U rack for a maximum capacity of 960TBs. In addition, the SFA7700 also allows organizations to migrate data to a public or private cloud when integrated with DDN’s Web Object Scaler (WOS) cloud storage appliance, facilitating file sharing and collaboration. Read the Full Story.

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