Canonical and Inktank Offering Full Support for Ceph with OpenStack

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This week Canonical and Inktank announced a collaboration to provide a fully integrated and supported implementation of Ceph storage technology with OpenStack on Ubuntu. While Ceph has been packaged as part of Ubuntu for some time, this new agreement enables Canonical customers who have purchased Ubuntu Advantage Cloud Infrastructure to get commercial-grade production support for both OpenStack and Ceph from Canonical. Ubuntu Advantage subscribers will also get Ceph support backed by Inktank as part of their subscription.

We are working with many OpenStack users who are looking for comprehensive, sophisticated, and cost effective storage solution options,” said Mark Shuttleworth, Founder of Ubuntu and Canonical. “Ceph is fast becoming the favoured choice for next-generation storage solutions with OpenStack because it is the only software-defined storage software that provides both object and block storage fully integrated with OpenStack. This partnership with Inktank enables Canonical to provide support for the leading cloud and storage technologies to our customers as a single, integrated solution.”

Ceph will be delivered alongside OpenStack releases via package archives and will be installed and managed using Juju, Canonical’s innovative service orchestration and deployment tool. Adding Ceph to an existing OpenStack cloud is made simple using the Juju GUI or command line interfaces. Read the Full Story.

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