European Commission Looks at Opening Up all Research Data

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Should all the data from all government-funded research be made public? Over at the Open Knowledge Foundation Blog, Sander van der Waal writes that the European Commission held a public consultation on open access to research data. The inputs of these stakeholders will play some role in revising the Commission’s policy and are particularly important for the ongoing negotiations on the next big EU research programme Horizon 2020, where about 25-30 billion Euros would be available for academic research.

By default there should be an expectation that all types of research data that can be made public, including all metadata, should be made available in machine-readable form and open as per the Open Definition. This means the data resulting from public work is free for anyone to use, reuse and redistribute, with at most a requirement to attribute the original author(s) and/or share derivative works. It should be publicly available and licensed with this open license.

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