Improving Hadoop Security with Cloudera Sentry

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This week Cloudera introduced Sentry, a new Apache-licensed open source project that delivers the industry’s first fine-grained authorization framework for Hadoop. Using an independent security module that integrates with open source SQL query engines Apache Hive and Cloudera Impala, Sentry delivers advanced authorization controls to enable multi-user applications and cross-functional processes for enterprise datasets.

As Hadoop crosses over to the enterprise, it will be expected to deliver the same level of security for protecting sensitive data as any mission-critical data platform,” said Tony Baer, principal analyst at Ovum. “With announcement of Sentry, Cloudera is addressing an important piece of the puzzle, especially with regard to role-based data access privileges below file level for SQL-on-Hadoop paths like Hive and Impala. It is one of the pieces that must fall into place if Hadoop is to fulfill its promise as a powerful extension of analytic computing environments.”

According to Cloudera, Sentry is the first to offer granular control in Hadoop, a requirement for enterprise Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in highly regulated industries such as like healthcare and financial services.

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