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Slidecast: Eric Barton Updates Progress on Fast Forward Storage & IO Program

In this slidecast, Eric Barton, Lead Architect for Intel’s High Performance Data Division presents a progress update on the Fast Forward I/O & Storage program. Back in July 2012, Whamcloud was awarded the Storage and I/O Research & Development subcontract for the Department of Energy’s FastForward program. Shortly afterward, the company was acquired by Intel. […]

DDN Announces $100K WARP Prize for Big Data Innovation

DDN has launched a $100,000 prize to recognize scientific breakthroughs enabled by high performance computing with major research institutions pledging their support. The global program focuses on scientific advancement and insight through the exploration of novel approaches to Big Data analysis, Exascale processing, cloud computing, memory-class storage and other emerging developments in HPC. For more […]

DDN Announces $100 Million Investment In Exascale Computing

This week at SC12, DDN announced a $100 million investment in its research and development efforts, specifically directed at resolving key challenges to achieving Exascale levels of performance in scientific computing. The new investments by DDN represent a substantial percentage of DDN’s engineering resources and will be directed toward technology challenges, which become critical at […]

New DDN Hybrid Appliance Anticipates and Optimizes Big Data Movement

This week DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced the SFA7700, a hybrid flash storage appliance with a unique ability to anticipate and optimize the workloads of big data-intensive applications. DDN has extended its SFA technology to feature even greater levels of efficiency and modularity,” said Henry Baltazar, Senior Analyst, 451 Research. “With appliance-level integration into DDN’s file […]

Webinar: Storage Solutions for Big Data Apps

Clipped from: (share this clip) Mellanox and DDN will host an August 23 webinar on the concepts, challenges and performance options for Big Data analytics applications. This webinar will explore methods for minimizing latency and accelerating Big Data processing, analytics, and distribution using high performance, InfiniBand-connected storage systems, specifically in web scale data centers. […]

DDN Rolls Out Advanced DirectMon Storage Management Suite

Today DDN rolled out the DirectMon Monitoring and Administration Suite, a robust centralized management solution for the company’s storage, file system, and In-Storage Processing technology. With a unified interface designed to handle all aspects of Big Data storage infrastructure administration, DDN’s DirectMon minimizes administrator overhead and provides a comprehensive framework for both real-time and predictive […]

DDN Embraces Chroma Central Management System for Lustre Made Simple

Today Data Direct Networks announced that the company is offering Whamcloud’s Chroma Enterprise central management system with its ExaScaler parallel file storage product. Chroma is a central management system that is deeply integrated with Lustre. It brings together information from multiple sources to provide a unified view of what is going on in a storage […]

Video: DDN Touts $10 Million Investment in Lustre Technology

This week DataDirect Networks (DDN) announced continued support for OpenSFS at the highest membership level. According to the company, DDN’s ongoing investment in Lustre has exceeded more than $10M to date. No other company invests more heavily in Lustre than DDN,” said Jeff Denworth, Vice President of Marketing, DataDirect Networks. “Our engineering and professional services […]

Video: DDN's New SFA12K Storage System Does 1 Terabyte/sec

In this video, DDN’s Jeff Denworth describes the company’s new SFA12K storage system, which is capable of delivering 1 Terabyte/sec of bandwidth. The SFA12K-40 delivers the industry’s highest single-platform performance, at over 40GB/s and 1.4 Million Flash IOPS. With InifniBand and Fibre Channel connectivity, the system is designed to easily scale file storage systems to […]

DDN Pens Open Letter for the Dawn of Exascale and Big Data

In the wake of recent product announcements, DDN’s EVP of Technology and Strategy, Jean-Luc Chatelain, has penned an open letter that discusses the unprecedented challenges facing the HPC community in terms of data growth on the road to Exascale. DDN questions for the HPC community: What types of processing phases (pre, core, post) would benefit […]