2017 Data Connectivity Outlook

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Progress presents the results of its 4th annual Data Connectivity Outlook, based on 1,200 survey responses. Respondents included  business and IT professionals in various roles, representing a range of industries and organization sizes across the globe.

This year’s report demonstrates the impact of the changing landscape of disruptive data sources. Organizations must deal with data spread across a variety of sources—from relational to big data to SaaS. In fact, the survey reveals that SaaS data sources increased significantly from last year (62% to 79%). To overcome the challenge of exploding data sources, companies are adopting data access standards – SQL (ODBC, JDBC) and REST (OData) – to connect these disparate data sources faster.

Adoption of analytics is growing as businesses use data to drive decisions. Among the applications survey respondents use standards for, analytics and reporting are high priority areas (63%). Reflecting that trend, more ISVs are embedding analytics capabilities within business applications. While this strategy provides basic analytic functions, open analytics is growing rapidly as a complementary strategy to connect a cloud application’s data to  third-party tools and programming languages.

Regardless of how the data landscape has evolved, the survey shows that enterprises still have significant investments in on-premise RDBMS and big  data interfaces. Using the cloud requires that they seamlessly integrate the two environments. However, many voiced concerns about accessing that  data from the cloud. Traditional technologies for connecting these database silos are difficult to manage and neither scalable nor engineered for the cloud.

Clearly, a scalable, firewall-friendly solution is needed.

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