Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics — Extending Analytical BI with a GPU Database

White Papers > Big Data > Accelerating SQL and BI Analytics — Extending Analytical BI with a GPU Database

This white paper explores the features that make GPU databases ideal for BI and incorporates real-world use-cases from actual customer implementations. It also explains how you can turn your existing BI pipeline into a more capable, next-generation big data analytics system using powerful GPU technology. 

Some GPU databases offer extreme performance with fewer limits than traditional solutions. Ultimately, adopting GPUs and GPU databases to further your analytics capabilities and empowering your team will help you be more productive, and gain real insights into your biggest assets - your data.

Organizations worldwide are facing the challenge of effectively analyzing their exponentially growing data stores. The term ‘Big Data’ is becoming obsolete as we face data stores of massive new proportions. 

Today’s businesses increasingly rely on leveraging these growing data stores to extract actionable insights into customer behavior, security anomalies, risk analysis, stock and inventory predictions and more.

In the long run, your data analytics platform will enable you to compete more effectively and make better-informed decisions. 

Download the new report from SQream DB that explores how GPUs and GPU databases can enable your data scientists to make better-informed decisions, be more productive, and gain real insight into your biggest asset – your data. 

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